No-Fault Collections A Week of Wins at TONALAW – No-Fault Arbitration Awards

A Week of Wins at TONALAW – No-Fault Arbitration Awards

NY CIVIL COURT ARBITRATION AWARD:  Our office recently had an arbitration award confirmed in New York Civil Court. The carrier denied lost wages pursuant to an Independent Medical Exam (IME). At the underlying arbitration hearing, the carrier argued that since the eligible injured person had not formally submitted a lost wage claim post-IME, or provided disability notes every 30 days, that she was not entitled to reimbursement. We argued that under Domotor, there was no obligation to adhere to these requirements, as the carrier had repudiated liability pursuant to the Independent Medical Exam. The Court agreed that the arbitrator made a rational determination that our client’s condition had not resolved at the time of the IME and the application of Domotor was proper, and thus reimbursement of lost wages was correct.
NY SUPREME COURT ARBITRATION AWARD: In New York Supreme Court, another arbitration award was also confirmed. This case concerned an orthopedist bill for a surgery that was denied on a peer review. The carrier argued that there was insufficient evidence in the record to establish the medical necessity of the surgery. However, the arbitrator explained what documents he reviewed and why he felt they were sufficient. As such, the award was confirmed by the Court as the arbitrator made a finding of fact.
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  • Claire
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    Working with Tom and his team was a true pleasure. Excellent communication, excellent results, and they always have your best interests at heart. Working with Christina in particular was a breeze. The Tona Team made every part of an arduous process easy to manage and exceptionally clear. If you happen to find yourself in need of an attorney, I would highly recommend TonaLaw.

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    Thomas Tona is a excellent personal injury attorney. Experienced - Knowledgeable - Ready for Battle - everything a person should have in attorney. I highly recommend Thomas Tona.

  • Veno
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    Great firm that supports our military by providing scholarships to our troops enabling them to invest in their future and earn a degree. I am one of the many service members who have applied for this wonderful opportunity and hope other businesses take it upon themselves to help our fellow brothers to attend college.