Business Litigation Practice Areas

Business litigation is a highly complex area of law. Whether you’re a one-person startup or a massive corporation, a business litigation issue could bring your company to a screeching halt. And without the representation of an experienced attorney, your business may never recover. At TonaLaw, we have been helping companies overcome these sorts of issues since 2001.

Whether you’re dealing with a dispute with an employee, another business or even the government, we know what you’re going through. We have helped hundreds of other companies in the same situation you’re in. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to get a favorable outcome in your case through negotiation or arbitration. If these processes don’t work, we also have the skills to take your case to court.

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Different Types of Business Litigation We Handle

At TonaLaw, we handle all types of business litigation, whether you’re facing conflict within your business or disputes with the federal government. Some of the most common issues we help companies resolve include breaches of contract, intellectual property disputes, and employment disputes. 

However, these issues are often rather simple in comparison to some of the other business litigation cases we handle. Some of the more complex business litigation cases we handle include:

Commercial Leases

Most businesses lease office space and other property. However, conflicts with the landlord are highly common. Your rent may go up unexpectedly, or the amenities promised in the lease may not be provided. In addition, issues might arise that are the responsibility of the landlord to handle but go unresolved.

One of the biggest issues you may face is your landlord improperly trying to remove you from the commercial space, or wrongfully changing the details of your lease. Of course, you may simply need assistance in finding the best commercial space for your business. No matter the issue, our experienced lawyers can help you resolve it.

Commercial Real Estate

In some cases, businesses may choose to buy property instead of renting it. This can be a highly complex process, especially in Long Island. New York’s real estate laws dictate what types of property businesses can buy, and where these businesses can operate. Because of the complex laws laid out by New York State, it’s crucial you have the assistance of an experienced commercial real estate lawyer.

Beyond helping businesses find the right property for their operation, we can also help developers evaluate a property, whether that’s buildings or land, to determine if that property is best for their purposes. No matter the case, we can assist with title examinations, land use and zoning issues, issues regarding condemnations, construction and development issues, and more.

Construction Defects

Construction defects are all too common in Long Island. In New York, there are thousands of building codes that must be met in new construction and in old buildings. If any of these codes aren’t met, it’s considered a construction defect. This could include a faulty foundation, improper framing, elements not operating properly, and more.

If a defect is found in your commercial or residential building, there are quite a few different parties that may be held liable. One of the most common is the contractor who was directly responsible for the construction of the building. The designer and owner of the property may also be held responsible, as could the manufacturer of the materials used for construction.

Security and FINRA Arbitration

Disputes between brokerages and investors are common, but they are highly complex. These disputes almost always trigger a FINRA investigation. FINRA is the organization that adjudicates the process to decide what corrective actions should be taken if any. Because FINRA proceedings are so complex and important, it’s crucial you have a highly experienced lawyer representing you.

In addition to FINRA, there are times you may face issues with the Security and Exchanges Commission. When a matter makes its way all the way up to the SEC or another federal government agency, you could be in serious trouble. It’s absolutely crucial you have an experienced attorney representing you.

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No matter the type of business litigation you’re facing, our lawyers are here to help you. At TonaLaw, we have been helping companies overcome all sorts of issues since 2001. We know how to handle negotiations and arbitration. We also have the experience to successfully take your case to court.

Don’t try to resolve these types of issues yourself. Instead, trust an experienced Long Island business litigation attorney to represent you. Call us at 1-833-TONALAW or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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