Automobile Accidents


According to the Statewide Statistical Summary from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, there are over 300,000 motor vehicle accidents reported throughout all of New York each year. New York has some of the most dangerous roads in the US, especially in Long Island and New York City where the roadways are rough and population density is high. Drunk driving, speeding, inclement weather, and distracted driving are just some of the factors that cause car accidents in today’s New York.

Compensation is a Right

As a victim of a motor vehicle accident in New York, you have rights. As a plaintiff looking to collect full and fair compensation for your personal injury claim or lawsuit, it’s important you fully understand those rights. Our attorneys and support staff at TonaLaw want to hear your story and discuss your options for a lawsuit.

It is important to know that the state of New York has certain statutory time limits (Statute of Limitations) in which a person must file a lawsuit. Litigation for a motor vehicle accident must, therefore, be instituted before the expiration of this time frame in order to preserve the rights of the injured. Lawsuits not filed within this specific time frame may be barred forever. At TonaLaw, our car accident lawyers expedite the legal process to ensure timely claim all of your rights.

Furthermore, New York State sets specific time frames in which certain documents must be filed with insurance companies. Specifically, there is a time deadline for the submission of a No-Fault Application, which is crucial to get your accident-related medical bills, lost wages, and other necessary expenses paid. If the insurance company does not receive these documents in the right time frame, they may deny payments on medical bills for treatment related to the accident. Contact a member of our team to discuss your case.

We Will Fight for You and Your Loved Ones

We fight to protect your legal rights and to get you the compensation you deserve for your personal injuries. Call TonaLaw if you have suffered injuries from a car accident and are dealing with medical expenses, pain and suffering, or loss of wages.  Our law firm can help you put the pieces back together after a motor vehicle accident. We represent clients suffering from a broad spectrum of personal injuries resulting from any type of motor vehicle accident, including but not limited to:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck injuries such as cervical vertebral fractures, cervical disc herniations and bulges, cervical radiculopathy and cervical sprain strain
  • Back injuries such as a sprain, strain, fracture, disc injury (bulging disc, herniated disc), thoracic spine injuries, lumbar radiculopathy and lumbar spine injuries
  • Psychological injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The TonaLaw Advantage

We are a client first practice. Our attorneys and support staff utilize our extensive legal experience and litigation acumen to represent personal injury clients aggressively, always seeking all remedies available to our clients under the law.

TonaLaw is a no fee law firm – We get paid when we win your case!

If you or a loved one are suffering from an injury sustained during a motor vehicle accident and due to the negligence of another, contact us today at (631) 780-5355 or toll free at 1-844-TONALAW or by email [email protected] to receive your free case evaluation.

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