dashcam being used to defend car accident scams

In any situation in which money might be exchanged, there will certainly be people scamming the system to line their own pockets illicitly. When a person is seriously injured in a car accident at no fault of their own, they are usually able to initiate a lawsuit to recover compensation for those injuries. Like moths attracted to a flame, some thieves will fake accidents to make other people appear liable for their sham injuries to get a quick buck. If any of the scenarios listed below sound similar to the circumstances you are currently facing, please contact the talented attorneys at TonaLaw to defend your rights and potentially earn compensation for your own injuries. 

One of the most common situations used by scammers is to quickly swerve in front of an innocent and careful driver and immediately slam on the breaks, forcing the other driver to rear end them. This is always accompanied by the scammer pretending that the accident caused them to suffer back and neck injuries. Low-grade neck and back injuries can sometimes exist without being detected on medical scans, which would be the arguments of such scammers. The law usually states that a car that rear ends another car is generally at fault for any damages to the front car and its occupants. However, the law understands that some accidents take place due to the reckless or intentional actions of the front driver. The best way to protect yourself from this type of scam is to ensure you have a dashboard camera facing forward. The camera footage would be used to show that the other driver moved in a dangerous fashion, showing them to be at fault rather than yourself. As the driver with more fault for an accident is proportionally responsible for the other party’s injuries, this footage would be used to prevent you from being liable for the fake injuries. 

Another unfortunate con often occurs when another driver with the right of way appears to give you permission to move past them. This can take place in a wide variety of ways, such as when they are on the side of the road, appearing to allow you to move into a parking spot or at an intersection. Once you are beside them or in an awkward position, the scammer will drive into your car before denying that they allowed you to go past them. This is a he-said-she-said situation which is incredibly hard to prove. Just like the above situation, the best way to refute a person acting in such obvious bad faith is by rebutting the other driver’s account using a dashboard camera. 

Aside from avoiding liability through the use of dashboard cameras, another important tactic that is critical to proving your side is to call the police after the accident and have an accident report created. This is an independent documentation that the bad actor cannot manipulate. The responding police officer evaluates the vehicular damage and takes statements from both parties in order to attempt to determine how serious the accident was. This document can become critical to countering the other party’s injury claims. For example, how could a scammer prove their serious neck herniation be caused by a simple, low-speed fender bender? 

In creating the circumstances of such a scheme, the scammer will sometimes end up causing injuries to the innocent driver. The victim of any such scam deserves to receive damages to recover compensation for their injuries. If it can be proven that the other driver intentionally caused the accident, they would likely be legally responsible for your injuries. Dashboard camera footage and other eyewitness statements would be integral for proving your case. Aside from fault, your injuries should be documented. Immediately following the accident, go to an emergency room or urgent care if you notice injuries warranting such attention. Injuries can also develop in the following days; seek the appropriate medical care afterward. 

The experienced attorneys are very familiar and adept at combatting the tactics of illicit scam artists to protect your rights. The exact fact pattern of the accident is particularly important concerning whether you can recover any compensation if you have been injured by the other driver. Call TonaLaw for a free, no-obligation case consultation at 833-866-2529 (833-TONA-LAW).

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