Revel Scooter Accident Lawyers in New York

You’ve no doubt seen them zipping about Bushwick, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Queens: those little black and blue electric scooters. Owned and rented out by company Revel, more than 1,000 of these electric scooters have been released into the wild. Frequently, they are ridden by people with little to no experience operating a two-wheeled vehicle — much less one in New York traffic.


The unexpected release of these “electric moped sharing” vehicles has created a number of risks for their riders. Their use can also endanger pedestrians, cyclists, and even vehicles.

When a Revel scooter gets into an accident, whether with another person, vehicle or just by itself, there is a good chance that someone will get injured. One case has already been filed concerning a bicyclist who was struck by a Revel scooter, causing a broken ankle that required surgery.

After a scooter accident injury, you may have significant medical bills and other expenses. Working with a scooter accident lawyer in New York can help you file a personal injury claim to repay all of your losses.

If you have been hurt in an accident involving a Revel scooter, you have legal rights to pursue all available options for obtaining compensation. TonaLaw wants to help you build the strongest case possible. We have already seen the devastating effects these scooters can wreak when operated carelessly or by someone who has no experience. Our scooter accident lawyers can provide legal representation and advice so that you have the highest possible chances of obtaining the maximum compensation available.

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Risks of Injury Posed by a Scooter Accident

Two-wheeled vehicles may be a fun way to drive, but they pose significant risks to their operators. A study of motorcycle accidents in New York City found that while just 2% of registered vehicles in the five boroughs are classified as motorcycles,

14% of all traffic fatalities were motorcyclists from 2010 to 2014.

Electric scooters, such as those offered for rent by-the-mile by Revel, don’t fare much better in terms of safety. One study from 2018 published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine found that moped riders were just as likely to die from collision injuries as those involved in a motorcycle accident.

Making matters riskier, the only prerequisite for renting a Revel scooter is watching a three-minute video and having proof of a current driver’s license. Because there is no mandatory license classification for vehicles designated as “mopeds” in New York state, anyone can rent a Revel scooter without any experience operating a two-wheeled vehicle.

Inexperience can pose dangers in the form of risky behaviors, such as the rash of reports that scooters were being operated on highways and bridges, where they are supposed to be forbidden. Inexperience around other drivers also increases the risks that heavy traffic or a single false move could turn a bad accident far worse.

Injuries that could be sustained as a result of a Revel scooter accident include:

  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments, tendons, or hurt joints
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head and neck injury (whiplash)
  • Internal injury

Does Revel Provide Adequate Safety Assurances for Inexperienced Riders?

The lack of rider experience tremendously raises the risks of an injury-causing accident. Despite these risks, Revel does not make any sort of training or certification mandatory to ensure that riders operate their scooter safely. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, a Revel co-founder implied that since it is legal to ride a moped without a motorcycle certification, they are not obligated to ensure that scooter riders are experienced.

Revel offers safety classes, but a review by Vice found that there are only around 3-5 individual lessons offered each weekday and just 5-10 on weekends, far too few to serve the hundreds of users the service has attracted.

Obtaining Compensation for Your Injuries with Help from a Scooter Accident Attorney

In the event you are seriously injured by a scooter accident, either as a rider or a bystander, you should know your rights. If careless or negligent acts committed by a company like Revel could be the cause of your accident, you can pursue a liability claim for your hospital bills, lost wages, and other damages.

TonaLaw will provide you with an experienced scooter accident attorney to help you establish negligence, document your losses in full, and negotiate with insurers and attorneys representing the at-fault party. Our services seek to give you the strongest chances of obtaining a fair settlement. If no settlement agreement can be made, we are prepared to present your case in court in front of a jury.

TonaLaw is a no-fee law firm – We get paid when we win your case!

If the fault cannot be determined or there is no serious injury, you may still be eligible to file a no-fault claim for certain medical expenses and your lost wages. TonaLaw has a separate No-Fault claims department that can help you expedite your claims, seek the full amount of your available damages, and avoid common mistakes that cause claims to get reduced or denied.

You may never be aware of the full extent of your legal options for obtaining compensation if you don’t speak with a scooter accident lawyer in New York. Schedule your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation at TonaLaw now by calling

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