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If you’ve recently been involved in an accident as a passenger of an Uber or other rideshare vehicle, seeking adequate legal representation to keep you informed and well-represented is a good way to start on your path to a full recovery for your damages. 

Uber App Running On PhoneCommon damages in accidents include:

  • Past medical bills
  • Estimated future injury treatment expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

The Long Island attorneys at TonaLaw have the experience to pursue the greatest possible compensation from rideshare companies like Uber. Give us a call at 1-833-TONALAW or contact us online at any time, and we can schedule a free consultation to go over the details of your case.

Don’t assume Uber will look out for your best interests! Get an attorney on your side who can help you prepare a strong claim and anticipate common defense strategies used to avoid paying out to injury victims.

Every Uber Ride Could Involve Risk of an Injury-Causing Accident

Not much beats the convenience of a modern rideshare app when it comes to getting from point A to point B on short notice. After months of back-and-forth between rideshare companies like Uber and the city government, an agreement has been reached and operation is expected to continue. But there are a few things you should keep in mind before you hop into your next Uber.

Uber and other rideshare companies may not be as likely to adequately screen their drivers as taxi companies or public transportation options. There are some minimum requirements as well as a screening process, but there may be no way to guarantee your driver has the same experience as a taxi or bus driver. The wide net approach to finding rideshare drivers and the often chaotic nature of New York traffic means accidents are likely to happen.

Further, you may not have as many protections as you would hope when you get inside an Uber. While the company does offer commercial liability insurance, it will often fight to reduce the value of claims. It may also allege that your accident isn’t covered, according to the language of the applicable policy.

Speaking with an experienced Uber accident lawyer on Long Island is your best opportunity to not just learn about your rights but exercise to the fullest extent of the law.

Insurance in a Long Island Uber Car Accident

When you’re in an accident in a rideshare vehicle, insurance is likely to play a large role in determining how you’re able to recover from your damages, but the specific circumstances of your accident will determine which insurance is most likely to payout. In any case, remember that an insurance company increases its profits by denying claims to the greatest extent they’re able. For this reason, it’s always worth consulting with a seasoned Long Island car accident lawyer before signing off on any settlements an insurance company may offer.

Uber covers all drivers and passengers under a set of conditions based on whether or not the driver is technically working or not. These are the following scenarios you should know about:

Driver Has the Uber App Inactive or Off

In this case, Uber does not consider the driver to be working and will be unlikely to cover you or the driver if you’re in an accident. In this case, you will need to pursue the driver’s insurance or the insurance of whoever is responsible for the crash in order to recover damages. 

This raises some questions, like what if the driver accepts a fare, then exits out of the app in the middle of the ride? The insurance company will likely attempt to use this as evidence to deny coverage, so it would be helpful to have the added benefit of an experienced car accident lawyer on your side in any fringe cases like this.

The Driver is Waiting on a Ride Request

If the driver is available in the app and is waiting for a ride request when they are in an accident, Uber will cover damages to any drivers or other people involved in an accident in this case up to certain amounts. These limits are $50,000 for bodily injury per person, up to $100,000 per accident as well as a maximum of $25,000 in property damage per accident. While this may seem like a reasonable amount, serious bodily injury, which results in extensive medical treatment, is likely to quickly match these thresholds, meaning you may need to seek other sources of coverage to meet your damages.

The Driver is Driving a Fare to Their Destination or Driving to Pick a Fare Up

When you’re an Uber passenger and on your way to your destination, or when the driver is on their way to pick up a passenger, uber will provide up to $1,000,000 in third-party liability per accident. This also covers accidents involving underinsured and uninsured drivers.

How to Pursue Uber for Damages From an Accident

When a driver other than the Uber driver you’re riding with is at-fault for an accident, you will need to pursue the other driver and their insurance company to cover any damages that stem from the accident. In the case of an uninsured or underinsured driver, you will also need to pursue Uber, as they should cover such instances.

When the Uber driver you’re riding with is responsible for the accident, Uber should cover your damages directly. This does not mean, however, that they won’t attempt to argue that another driver was at fault or that the driver wasn’t technically en route to your destination. In these cases, any damages will be split up according to the amount of fault each party is assigned.

UberEats Accidents Are Covered

If you’re injured by a driver delivering food for UberEats, you should be covered the same as a passenger or other bystander as described above. Your ability to recover damages from Uber in this case will be based on the same contingencies as well. The driver will need to have their app active and be delivering or picking up food in order to pursue the maximum.

Recovering the maximum damages is much harder without seasoned legal representation to support you and argue on your behalf. Large insurance companies are likely to use every angle they have to deny as much money from reaching your pockets as possible, so having someone familiar with the legal system and the tactics of the insurance companies on your side can help boost your chances of successfully fighting back.

TonaLaw Will Pursue the Maximum Damages for You

When you’re injured in a car accident in Long Island involving a rideshare company like Uber, seeking professional legal assistance can help ease your mind and improve your chances of recovering the maximum damages. Fighting the big insurance companies alone or simply settling for their first offer is a great way to lose out on the largest potential settlement you can fight for.

The staff at TonaLaw have over 50 years of experience and is prepared to take on the big rideshare companies on your behalf. Give us a call at 1-833-TONALAW at any time or contact us online and we can schedule a free consultation to go over the details of your Uber car accident case.

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