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What happens when law, business & life collide? What if you could hang out with law firm owners and accomplished business leaders earning seven, eight, and nine figures a year, and gain insights that propel legal cases, and businesses forward exponentially? The Lead Counsel podcast, hosted by Thomas Tona, is a weekly show that delves into the world of law, the business of law, life, and where the three intersect. Each episode will feature in-depth conversations with industry insiders and experts, thought leaders, and individuals that are making significant contributions and differences in their chosen fields.

The show covers a wide range of topics related to law, the business of law, life and how they are intertwined. From the latest trends and research to personal stories and practical takeaways, the Lead Counsel podcast offers listeners deep dives on every topic discussed. The goal of this podcast is to provide zero cost to consumer information about law and the business of law, and related tools, to the general public.

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