Join us live from the PILMMA Summit 2024 in vibrant New Orleans! In this episode, we dive into our key takeaways from the first day of the summit. We share insights from our favorite session led by Bert Thornton, where he illuminated the three essential qualities for being a mentor and the key attributes of a successful mentee. Bert also provided valuable tips on the eight things people first notice in social settings and how to enhance these traits to leave a positive impression. Additionally, we recap the standout keynote speakers from the rest of the day and highlight the most engaging topics discussed. Tune in to hear more about the PILMMA Super Summit 2024!

In this episode, you will hear about: 

  • The key qualities of a mentor and successful mentee.
  • Eight crucial elements people notice in social settings.
  • Making yourself the obvious choice.
  • Why you should be attending summits.


Resources from this episode: 

The New York Personal Injury & No-Fault Collections Law Firm, P.C.

TonaLaw’s LinkedIn Profile

The website

Auger & Auger Accident & Injury Lawyers



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