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TonaLaw provides its associates the opportunity to obtain hands-on litigation experience and exposure to the firm’s expansive and progressive legal practice. Our firm strives to train up-and-coming lawyers to become superb attorneys by immersing them in the litigation process, frequently in the early stages of the case. After a junior attorney proves to be prepared and qualified to meet our client’s needs, our associates will then become active participants in all aspects of client representation. Our associates will draft and argue motions, communicate with clients, appear in court, take depositions, and manage their cases under the guidance of a supervising attorney.

Our firm associates will be exposed to various areas of legal practice. They will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while working with senior attorneys with diverse litigation styles and backgrounds. In addition, our associates will receive continuous feedback and advice regarding their performance and extensive training to develop their careers.

Our firm takes pride in our collegial work environment. We encourage associate attorneys to achieve their professional aspirations and aggressively advance their careers through open communication, transparency, and professional assistance. Our firm strives to continuously strengthen our collegial, cooperative, and productive atmosphere amongst all of our legal staff. We encourage staff and attorneys to operate cooperatively to support an open, free flow of communication and expansive progression.

We seek to retain candidates who exhibit a demonstratable passion for litigation and hold superior academic credentials. We are always seeking talented, ambitious individuals with a client-centric, disciplined attitude committed to excellence. Our firm works in a wide variety of practice areas, allowing our associates to develop their professional skills in a rewarding and challenging environment. If you want to expand your legal skills with a rewarding law firm career, consider applying to join our team of dedicated legal professionals. We offer a competitive salary, discretionary bonus, and generous benefits package.

Non-Legal Careers


A professional, client-centric, dedicated professional staff is a crucial component to obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients. Here at TonaLaw, we seek to hire talented professionals who desire to contribute to our client’s success. In addition, our firm strives to maintain a dynamic, collegial, challenging work environment in which our staff members are provided a path to excel through comprehensive oversight, training, and career advancement opportunities. Group collaboration is a key component to our firm’s success.

We offer our staff a competitive salary and benefits package, which includes health benefits, supplemental insurance, 401k with firm match, profit sharing, and generous time off. We seek knowledgeable, accountable professionals who strive for success and possess a team-orientated attitude.

If interested in joining the TonaLaw team, please review our current job openings and submit an application.

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TonaLaw is an equal-opportunity employer.

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Amber PalermoAmber Palermo
17:50 23 Dec 22
The professionalism and expertise of the TonaLaw team is unmatched. I’ve worked with Juliet and she was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and I could tell that she cared about helping me. If you’re looking for a legal team that helps with you any problem, big or small, TonaLaw is a team you can trust.
Regan moriartyRegan moriarty
16:49 23 Dec 22
The TonaLaw team is full of wonderful and hardworking people. I have personally worked with Juliet and she is excellent. You can tell she truly cares about the work she is doing. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth MartinezElizabeth Martinez
15:42 16 Dec 22
I can not be thankful enough for the amazing experience Tonalaw has given me from the very beginning. If you are looking for a lawyer who truly cares about your case then TonaLaw is for you. The amount of time and dedication they put in a case really shows how above and beyond they go. Not to mention how sweet everyone is really makes it a pleasure to work with TonaLaw.
Beatrice CestaroBeatrice Cestaro
22:06 14 Dec 22
I am extremely satisfied and happy to have chosen Tonal Law . The whole experience was flawless And I had absolutely no issues throughout the entire process. Everyone was so helpful and on time with everything, answered any questions I had, and we’re always easily available if I had any concerns. I basically did not have to lift a finger or do absolutely anything at all but answer a few questions. I put my full trust into Tona Law and I’m happy I did so. Would for sure recommend to any of my family and friends.
Anita AbramsAnita Abrams
21:14 05 Dec 22
Tona Law was an absolute pleasure to work with. As a local ART and Custom Framing resource, we helped to enhance their new offices, with beautiful and sophisticated, well curated artwork. Tom and his team were closely involved in all of the selections, and the environment is warm and friendly, as a result. Everyone at Tona Law, is considerate and professional.
Dawn DemartinoDawn Demartino
16:25 11 May 22
From start to finish I was informed every step of the way of the status and updates of my case… the time and steps taken to resolve my case in the best possible outcome was just one of the many great things Tonalaw provided. Personal care and commitment is top notch. Thank you !!
Louis B.Louis B.
15:27 08 Apr 22
Over the last few years Tona Law has guided me through the process with clear communication throughout. They are truly a client advocate and will do everything in the best interest of the client. Cannot thank them enough for all their work done for me.
Richard WoolleyRichard Woolley
19:49 26 Mar 22
Tom Tona and his team are fantastic. They do a great job for their clients. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Stacy LofredoStacy Lofredo
23:41 24 Mar 22
Tona Law has simplified no fault medical billing in a way that allows staff to effortlessly navigate through what could be a confusing process. Their staff is knowledgeable and responsive that we never have to worry about the ever-changing regulations because they are on top of keeping up to date with any changes in keeping their clients informed which is priceless!
Ruben ReyesRuben Reyes
15:29 13 Aug 21
They responded right away and were very professional. Brittany Reyes was very helpful. Thank you for your help
Randy RodriguezRandy Rodriguez
03:24 09 Aug 21
Would highly recommend if anyone is seeking any legal advice!