Acupuncturist No-Fault Collection Attorney

Let our attorneys save you time and money by fighting the improper denial of your no-fault bills. You will be able to spend more time focusing on providing billable acupuncture services by leaving the no-fault litigation process to us. We are a No-Fee Collection Law Firm; all of our fees are fixed by statute and paid for by the insurance companies. If we don’t win, you don’t pay, it’s that simple.

Acupuncture Therapy

As an Acupuncturist, it is your priority to provide outstanding care to treat and heal your patients. You should not have to worry if you will get paid for your services based on the insurance company’s verdict. Many Acupuncturists and other Natural Healers are not aware that the services they provide are protected under NYS No-Fault Insurance Law.

We know that no-fault insurance companies have made it difficult to receive payments. They will fight you on every bill submitted, and even deny claims that are rightfully owed to you. During our initial consultation, our attorneys will inform you of the legal rights and remedies available to Acupuncturists under New York State Insurance Law.

Our No-Fault Collections Process

We make our no-fault collections process as easy and effortless as possible. We come to you and collect the information needed to process the claim, then work with your team to get your bills paid. The no-fault checklist below identifies the documents we need to begin the claim process.

No-Fault Checklist

  1. Assignment of benefits
  2. Outstanding bills, a billing ledger and proof of mailing if available
  3. Corresponding denials
  4. All medical records, reports, notes, and exams you have on the patient pertaining to the date of the accident
  5. A letter of medical necessity for treatment and/or a rebuttal letter to the peer review/ IME (optional but recommended)

About the Firm

The knowledgeable no-fault collection attorneys and paralegals at TonaLaw represent our clients ethically, aggressively and always with the utmost integrity. We have been successfully collecting denied No-Fault receivables in excess of 38 years collectively, and have created a process where our goal is to get you paid in 210 days or less! While there may be instances where it may take longer, our goal is to resolve the bulk of your claims within 210 days of filing. Payments from the insurance companies can start to arrive in as little as 30 days after we file your no-fault claims.

The Law Office of TonaLaw services clients throughout the State of New York from our Long Island Law Office in Islip, NY. In addition to serving hundreds of healthcare providers, our Suffolk County Law Office successfully closes 2,500 + cases each year.

Call 1-833-TONALAW or fill out the contact form below for a Risk-Free Consultation to find out how TonaLaw can improve your no-fault collection receivables.

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