Neurosurgeon No-Fault Collection Lawyer in Long Island

No-Fault Neurosurgeon No-Fault Collection Lawyer in Long Island

Neurosurgeon No-Fault Collection Lawyer in Long Island

Many times, following an auto accident, an injured patient requires surgical intervention by a neurosurgeon, most typically on their spine or brain. Shockingly, despite the serious nature of the surgeries involved, and the depth and complexity of those procedures, the No-Fault insurance carriers deny these often critical procedures as “not medically necessary”. Our office currently works with many neurosurgeons to get their denied surgical bills paid.


As a neurosurgeon, it is your priority to provide the highest level of care to treat and heal your patients. As you most likely have experienced, no-fault insurance companies make it extremely difficult to receive payments. They try to find any reason to deny claims, sometimes, even claims lawfully owed to you. Many neurosurgeons are not aware that payment for their services is protected under NYS No-Fault Insurance Law.

The attorneys and paralegals at TonaLaw will deal with the insurance companies while you run your business! Our services allow you to spend more time on billable services. There are no risks or upfront payments, TonaLaw is a no-fee law firm, all of our fees are fixed by statute and paid for by the insurance companies. If we don’t win, you don’t pay, it’s that simple.

Our No-Fault Collections Process

During our initial consultation, we will inform you of the legal rights and remedies available to neurosurgeons available under New York State Insurance Law. We aim to make the no-fault collection process as effortless as possible, closing most cases in 210 days or less. In some instances, our clients begin receiving no-fault payments in as little as 30 days from the initial file date. In order to begin processing claims, we will need the following documents:

No-Fault Checklist

  1. Assignment of benefits
  2. Outstanding bills, a billing ledger and proof of mailing if available
  3. Corresponding denials
  4. All medical records, reports, notes, and exams you have on the patient pertaining to the date of the accident
  5. A letter of medical necessity for treatment and/or a rebuttal letter to the peer review/ IME (optional but recommended)

About the Firm

TonaLaw will represent your interests aggressively, with the utmost integrity. Our firm has a track record of success, collecting millions of dollars in no-fault receivables for healthcare providers since 2001. In addition to serving hundreds of healthcare providers, our Suffolk County Law Office successfully closes 2,500 + no-fault cases each year. TonaLaw serves neurosurgeons throughout the state of New York from our main office in Suffolk County in Islip, NY.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Claire
    Star Rating

    Working with Tom and his team was a true pleasure. Excellent communication, excellent results, and they always have your best interests at heart. Working with Christina in particular was a breeze. The Tona Team made every part of an arduous process easy to manage and exceptionally clear. If you happen to find yourself in need of an attorney, I would highly recommend TonaLaw.

  • David
    Star Rating

    Thomas Tona is a excellent personal injury attorney. Experienced - Knowledgeable - Ready for Battle - everything a person should have in attorney. I highly recommend Thomas Tona.

  • Veno
    Star Rating

    Great firm that supports our military by providing scholarships to our troops enabling them to invest in their future and earn a degree. I am one of the many service members who have applied for this wonderful opportunity and hope other businesses take it upon themselves to help our fellow brothers to attend college.

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