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Our Law Office represents some of the largest MRI providers in New York State, in addition to EMG/NCV testers, and a variety of other diagnostic service providers throughout NYS. Diagnostic testing presents special challenges to AR collections, in that, in order to collect on your denied bills, you must prove medical necessity. In doing so, you must rely on the notes, reports, and records of the referring healthcare providers. While this may seem an undue burden, it is the law, and as such you must meet this burden in every instance.

Diagnostic Machine

As a Diagnostic Testing Facility, it is your priority to provide the highest level of service to your clients. As you most likely know, no-fault insurance companies have made it extremely difficult to receive payments. They find every excuse possible to deny payments, even claims lawfully owed to you. Many diagnostic testing facilities are not aware that payment for their services is protected under NYS No-Fault Insurance Law. 

Let us deal with the insurance company while you run your business. Spend your time working on billable services. There are no risks or upfront payments, TonaLaw is a no-fee law firm, all of our fees are fixed by statute and paid for by the insurance companies. If we don’t win, you don’t pay, it’s that simple.

Our No-Fault Process

During the initial consultation, our attorneys will inform you of the legal rights and remedies available to diagnostic testing facilities under New York State Insurance Law. It is our intention to make the no-fault collection process as effortless as possible. An attorney will come to your office to advise you of your rights and collect the necessary information to get started below.

No-Fault Checklist

  1. Assignment of benefits
  2. Outstanding bills, a billing ledger and proof of mailing if available
  3. Corresponding denials
  4. All medical records, reports, notes, and exams you have on the patient pertaining to the date of the accident
  5. A letter of medical necessity for treatment and/or a rebuttal letter to the peer review/ IME (optional but recommended)

About TonaLaw

The attorneys and support staff at TonaLaw represent our clients aggressively, with the utmost integrity. We have successfully collected millions of dollars in no-fault receivables since 2001 and boast over 38 years of collective experience. Our law firm’s goal is to get your no-fault collection bills paid in 210 days or less! Once your claim is filed payments can be expected in as little as 30 days!

TonaLaw serves diagnostic testing facilities throughout the state of New York from our main office in Suffolk County in Islip, NY. In addition to serving hundreds of healthcare providers, our Suffolk County Law Office successfully closes 2,500 + no-fault cases each year.

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