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Broken Bone Injury Lawyer

Broken bones, including vertebrae, can happen for a variety of reasons. You may be tackled too hard playing football, you could slip and fall in a store, or you could be in a car wreck. No matter the reason, if someone else caused your injuries, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

At TonaLaw, our legal team has over three decades of combined experience representing injury victims. We are intimately familiar with the local and state laws that can impact your case. We also know how to take on the insurance company to win fair compensation on your behalf, whether we do so in or out of the courtroom.

If you have suffered a bone break or disc injury, you don’t have to take on the legal system by yourself. Contact a Long Island bone fracture attorney at TonaLaw today by calling  (631) 780-5355 or toll-free at 1-833-TONALAW for a free consultation. You can also fill out our online contact form to reach us at any time.

Broken Bone Injury Lawyer

Types of Bone Fractures

Your bones are tough, but they can break with enough pressure. There are four general types of bone fractures you may suffer in a car accident or other incident. These include:

  • Simple fractures: Simple fractures occur when there is only one break in the bone. They can cause severe side effects, like internal bleeding or organ punctures, but are typically easier to treat than other types of fractures. 
    • Comminuted fractures: Comminuted fractures happen when there are at least two breaks in the bone. Depending on the location of the fractures, these types of injuries may be treated with a cast or other stabilizer. But often, surgery is required to completely treat the injury.
    • Impacted fractures: Impacted, or buckled, fractures occur when one piece of broken bone impacts the other, which can create fragments. These injuries can be incredibly difficult to treat since fragments can travel through the body. In rare instances, amputation may be necessary.
  • Open fractures: Any of the above types of fractures can also be open, or compound, fractures. These occur when the bone pierces the skin. These types of breaks are especially dangerous because that open wound makes the infection much more likely to occur. 

How to Seek Compensation for Bone Fractures in Long Island

Your path for seeking compensation after you’ve suffered a severe bone fracture or largely depends on what caused the injury. The most common cause of these types of injuries in New York is car accidents. However, recovering compensation after a car accident can be difficult under New York state law.

New York, along with a handful of other states, requires all drivers to carry no-fault insurance. This is intended to make it easy to get medical attention without fearing the cost of it, no matter who was at fault for the accident.

No-fault claims cover:

  • Medical expenses, including physical therapy and psychiatric counseling
  • Lost wages up to $2,000 a month for no more than 3 years, though more may be available if purchased
  • Out-of-pocket expenses up to $25 a day for up to a year

If your expenses continue mounting and exceed $50,000, you may be able to hold the at-fault driver accountable for the excess costs. These are considered basic economic losses. You can also hold the at-fault driver accountable for noneconomic losses if you suffered a “serious injury.”

Bone fractures are considered “serious injuries” under New York law. Other “serious injuries” include:

Loss of a fetus
Significant disfigurement
Loss of use or permanent limited use of a body function, organ, member or system
Significant disability for at least 90 days

Even though bone fractures are considered a serious injury, it can be difficult to recover compensation in some cases. That’s why it’s important to work with a Long Island bone fracture lawyer as soon as possible.

In cases that don’t involve a car wreck, seeking compensation is much simpler. You simply must show that the at-fault party injured you negligently.

Proving Negligence

In order to prove negligence, you must be able to show the at-fault party acted in a way that a reasonable person wouldn’t in the same situation. You must prove four elements of negligence, which include:

A duty of care that was established, whether that means drivers who are supposed to follow the rules of the road or a business owner who is supposed to eliminate any potential hazards in their store
A breach of duty of care, which means the person should have reasonably foreseen how their actions could lead to an injury but didn’t do anything to stop it
Injuries caused by the breach of duty of care, such as a broken arm that resulted directly from another driver T-boning your car
Real compensable damages, such as lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more

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If you have suffered a bone fracture due to someone else’s actions or negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. You may be able to get compensation for your past and future medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, and much more.

At TonaLaw, we fully understand the pain and stress you’re experiencing. Our goal is to get you fair compensation as quickly as possible. We will try to negotiate a settlement out of court, but if the insurance company won’t budge, we are always prepared to take your case to trial.

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The Most Common Orthopedic Problem

Each year, a whopping 6 million people will suffer from a bone fracture or break. Many of these bone fracture injuries are caused by accidents due to the negligence of another. The attorneys and support staff at TonaLaw are here to counsel you if you suffered from a bone fracture in an accident. There are many types of fractures, but the main categories are displaced, non-displaced, open and closed.


  • Compression fractures, usually in the vertebrae
  • Complete fractures
  • Incomplete fractures
  • Linear fractures
  • Transverse fractures
  • Oblique fractures
  • Spiral fractures
  • Comminuted fractures
  • Impacted fractures
  • Avulsion fractures
  • Greenstick fractures

You Have a Right to Compensation

Bone fractures and breaks are incredibly common and are considered serious injuries under New York state law. The lawyers at TonaLaw have experience representing clients that have been seriously injured as a result of someone’s negligence. We have a track record of verdicts and settlements that spans the last two decades. We have worked with hundreds of clients in New York suffering from bone fractures and breaks that have been injured in the following accidents:

We Will Fight For You and Your Loved Ones

Our track record of uncompromising ethics and exemplary personal injury litigation skills instills confidence and trust in all of our clients. We have a combined 38-year track record of uncompromising ethics and unrelenting litigation prosecution, which allows us to provide superior legal services to clients who suffer from bone fracture and break injuries throughout Long Island, New York City, and New York State. Our team brings a diverse background to the table, allowing us to effectively and efficiently advocate for each client.


The TonaLaw Advantage

We are a client-first practice. Our attorneys and support staff utilize our extensive legal experience and litigation acumen to represent personal injury clients aggressively, always seeking all remedies available to our clients under the law.

TonaLaw is a No Fee Law Firm – We get paid when we win your case!

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