In this week’s episode of the Lead Counsel podcast as they welcome Terry Devita, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, to discuss the crucial role of mental health in law firm leadership. With years of business experience and a deep understanding of mental health, Terry shares her unique insights on how addressing mental health issues can lead to better leadership and business growth. This episode is especially relevant for those in the legal profession, where mental health challenges are often prevalent but seldom addressed. Tune into conversation that sheds light on the often-overlooked aspect of mental health in the legal profession and its profound impact on leadership and business success.


In this episode, you will hear about:

  • How mental health impacts leadership development and business growth.
  • Why mental health issues are so common among lawyers and the specific challenges they face.
  • Strategies for normalizing mental health discussions in high-stress professions.
  • Steps law firm owners and business leaders can take to prioritize mental health in their organizations.
  • Stories that highlight the power of belief and resilience in overcoming personal and professional challenges.


Resources from this episode: 

The New York Personal Injury & No-Fault Collections Law Firm, P.C.

The New York Personal Injury & No-Fault Collections Law Firm, P.C.’s LinkedIn Profile

Terry Devito’s LinkedIn Profile

Terry’s Phone Number: 631-374-0479


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