Michael Deguide Derise

Michael DeGuida-DeRise

Personal Injury Trial Attorney

Overview And Experience

Michael DeGuida-DeRise is a New York personal injury attorney with an outstanding track record in the personal injury trial law. 

Michael earned his bachelor’s degree from Hunter College where he majored in English and Political Science. After discovering his passion for law, Michael attended Albany Law school, where he earned his Juris Doctorate. While attending Albany Law School, Michael was awarded the National Order of Barristers Award for his exceptional skill in trial advocacy, oral advocacy, and brief writing.

Since graduating in 2011, Michael has honed his skills in complex litigation, specializing in insurance law.    Prior to joining TonaLaw, Michael served as Staff Counsel at two large insurance companies.  During this time, he became proficient in all aspects of litigation, from pleadings and motions to trials and appeals. During the entirety of his 10+ year career as a trial attorney, Michael has successfully litigated complex personal injury actions, including taking dozens of impressive verdicts at trial. 

Michael’s experience representing large insurers uniquely prepares him for understanding the considerations and strategies that go into personal injury cases, from the insurers’ view. This understanding gives him a competitive edge on the competition.  Having sat at the other side of the negotiating table and courtroom for years, Michael is now representing injured plaintiffs with the knowledge, skills, and decision-making he has acquired throughout his exemplary career. 

Michael is eager to aggressively represent clients through all facets of their personal injury litigation as they pursue the compensation they deserve. 

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