A car accident can be a catastrophic event. Each car accident in Long Island is unique, and the injuries sustained are not going to be exactly the same from one wreck to the next. As seasoned car accident attorneys in Long Island, The New York Personal Injury & No-fault Collections Law Firm knows that no matter how minor your injury, you deserve compensation for your losses. The more you know, the better able you are to protect your rights and to seek repayment for the full extent of your damages. On that note, let’s dive a bit deeper into some of the most common types of injuries sustained in a vehicle collision.

5 Most Sustained Injuries

We aren’t medical professionals nor do we profess to be. What we know through our years of experience, however, is that there are specific injuries that are seen frequently in collisions. The five we tend to see most often are:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Head and Neck Injuries
  • Back and Chest Injuries
  • Scrapes and Lacerations
  • Arm and Leg Injuries

It is important to note that children can sustain injuries from car accidents differently than adults can.

Soft Tissue Injuries

When people talk about “soft tissue” they mean muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The force of a collision can cause body parts to move suddenly. For example, the neck may snap back and forth, causing pulling of muscles and, in turn, a soft tissue injury — commonly known as “whiplash”. In many cases, these injuries heal within years. In the most severe cases, you may be left with trauma that requires a lifetime of therapy.

Head and Neck Injuries

Imagine being forcefully struck by another vehicle. Your own will either come to a sudden stop or completely change direction without warning. The laws of physics demand that your body attempts to continue in its original motion yet is just as suddenly thrown in a different direction. Not only may this occur, but your head may come into contact with a window or even the steering wheel. Injuries can vary from severe whiplash, causing a herniated cervical disc, to traumatic brain injury.

Back and Chest Injury

Back and chest injuries are also commonly sustained in a car accident. The force of airbags can cause damage to your chest. The sudden forward and backward movement can injure your spine — or worse. You may be lucky enough to walk away with bruising, or you could be worse off, suffering broken ribs, dislocated vertebrae, major nerve damage, or paralysis.

Scrapes and Lacerations

Shattered glass, broken plastic, and deployed airbags all mean that you may suffer scrapes and lacerations almost anywhere on your body. We should also add “burns” to this category. It’s not unusual for people to suffer what most of us commonly refer to as “rug burn” from suddenly striking an airbag. There may also be burning fuel or other substances. Your scrapes may be minor and heal relatively quickly. You may also sustain deep lacerations that require surgical repair. In any event, it’s critical to have all your injuries evaluated by a medical professional to prevent possible complications.

Arm and Leg Injuries

Arm and leg injuries may be as minor as a slight sprain or as serious as a fracture. These injuries are most commonly sustained in T-bone and head-on collisions. It goes without saying, but always keep your feet on the floor instead of resting on the dashboard. Keep your arms inside the vehicle, even on sunny days.

No matter the circumstances of your collision, arm, and leg injuries can be serious. Without prompt medical treatment, you could suffer from complications that make it difficult to retain your former mobility.

Always Seek Medical Attention

It is always in your best interest to seek medical attention following an accident in Long Island, even if you believe your injuries are minor or that you sustained no injuries at all. A medical professional can assess you appropriately and diagnose any immediate injury. A doctor can also tell you what to look out for in the coming days and weeks that may signal an injury you were unaware of.

Failing to seek medical attention following a collision can impair your chances of recovering damages. Also, never tell the police or an insurance agent that you aren’t hurt! Instead, say that you aren’t certain, and then go get checked out! You don’t want to be stuck paying the bill for an injury that becomes apparent days after your wreck when you normally would have access to compensation — all because you made such a statement.

Know that the sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances improve both for making a full recovery and for fully recovering your financial losses.

We Are Your Long Island Car Accident Advocate

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