Long Island Business Litigation Lawyers

Business Litigation is a type of legal claim related to disputes or conflicts arising from and related to business contracts, discussions, or procedures. The most common litigation claim brought up in Suffolk County, and across Long Island, is the Breach of Contract claim. Other common claims relate to disputes over Employment, Breach of Duty, and Fraud. Business Litigation claims are usually length, difficult, and frustrating, not only for the plaintiff, but all involved parties. They can be not only time consuming, but irredeemably expensive regardless of outcome.

Ask yourself, “Do I need a Business Litigation attorney?”

Easily twenty percent of calls I receive each month come from people who are in low level distress and they are uncertain of what, if anything, they need to do.

Often my answer is, “See if this is something you can work out on your own.”

Let me explain.

Not every dispute needs an attorney, and although most lawyers don’t want to admit this, bringing in an attorney can sometimes make things worse. Take a moment to find a calm frame of mind so you can look at the issue with an objective eye, and analyze your distress level on a scale of 1 to 10. Do you expect legal proceedings to reduce or increase that distress?

The reality is this: You have to approach decision making in your personal life as a business decision to the following extent.

  • Are you being sued, and for how much? 
  • Are you being criminally prosecuted?
  • Are you being sued for a divorce/custody issue? 

Many times these urgent issues would require immediate legal representation. For civil/money related matters, does the solution to your problem end up generating or saving 2-3 times more than your potential investment, defined as legal fees and value of your time?  If not, it is probably not worth bringing an attorney into the mix. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a “rule of thumb” to help you start answering the question, “Do I need an attorney?

Similarly, you have to quantify your likelihood of success.  Be persistent in getting a direct answer from a prospective attorney when you speak to one.

Cost Containment Retainer

Our law office handles legal fees differently than most civil litigation law firms. We do not run the “taxi meter” method of hourly billing. We cap our legal fees using our “Cost Containment Retainer.” This means you don’t have to worry about every phone call you make to the attorney, and how much it will cost you. If you have any questions about our unique legal fee structure for business litigation, please call 1-833-TONALAW and one of our attorneys would be happy to explain further.