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New York Hurricane Lawyer

Do You Need Costly Repairs or Renovations to Be in Compliance With Floodplain Management Laws? You May Be Eligible for up to $30,000 in Insurance Coverage From FEMA.

FEMA has extended the deadline for filing coverage related to the Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy damages.

You may be eligible for up to $30,000 coverage if your home or owned property requires any of the following, and you have documented damages from Sandy or another major storm event.

  • Floodproofing repairs and renovations
  • Elevating structures
  • Relocating structures
  • Demolishing structures

This coverage is only available nine years from the date of damages, so anyone who has these ICC expenses should act quickly!

TonaLaw can provide you with an experienced property damage claims lawyer to represent your case and help you seek the maximum amount of coverage available. We specialize in researching all applicable policies in order to ensure know cost gets overlooked. Let us help you claim your ICC losses and other covered damages as soon as possible, before the 2021 deadline.

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New York Hurricane Lawyer

Hurricane Sandy Left New York Reeling And Many Property Owners Are Still Trying to Keep Up

Hurricane Sandy had an indescribable effect on New York, Long Island, and the Atlantic coast as a whole. All told, the storm claimed 150 lives and caused, “at least $70 billion in damages,” says National Geographic, “making it among the costliest storms in U.S. history.”

Many people hit hardest by Sandy still have lasting financial side effects. One of the most painful consequences for many homeowners and property owners was realizing that their property was not truly prepared for flooding.

In response to Sandy, state and local floodplain management laws were revised. Others saw an increase in enforcement. To be in compliance with these laws, homeowners, and property owners are expected to make costly renovations — that or they must either relocate or demolish and build from scratch.

The cost of these requirements is referred to as an “increased cost of compliance” or ICC. They are covered under a Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP), with up to $30,000 in coverage available.

Usually, the deadline for ICC coverage is five years after the loss. But FEMA has extended that deadline until 2021.

While you may think that time has run out on claiming Hurricane Sandy damages on insurance, in truth your property management expenses may be covered. It’s crucial that you look into any costs related to storm damage — or preparation for future storms — and speak with an attorney who is experienced in interpreting insurance policies.

Let TonaLaw Help You Recover From Unplanned Expenses Related to Hurricane Damage

Appointing your own attorney means you don’t just get someone who’s got knowledge and experience when it comes to handling insurance companies. You also get the resources to fully investigate and document your damages. Even more importantly, you partner with someone who is willing to represent your claim in litigation if insurance companies refuse to provide the coverage of their policy promises in plain English.

Don’t eat your losses from Hurricane Sandy, and don’t roll over for insurance companies that want to avoid covering what they should. Reach out to TonaLaw, and we’ll use our relentless approach to ensure you have the highest chances possible of getting the coverage you need.

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