woman injured in personal injury accident

What to Do After a Personal Injury Accident in Long Island

With millions of people living in Long Island, there’s always the risk of being injured by another person’s actions or negligence. Whether you get injured in a car wreck, on the job site or in the store while you’re shopping, injuries can happen anywhere at any time. You may suffer only minor scrapes and bruises,…

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The Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Long Island

Though New Yorkers own fewer cars per capita than most other regions in the country, Long Islanders still like to drive around. According to a recent study, 45 percent of all households within the New York City limits own a car. In Queens, that number increases to 62 percent, and in Brooklyn, the number is…

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450+ Car Accidents Reported in Wake of November 15th Snowstorm

November 16th, 2018 The rain seems to have swept most of the snow away overnight, but many New Yorkers are left with inestimable damages following the unexpectedly heavy snowfall Thursday evening. An unusual sight for mid-November, many Long Islanders recount looking out their office windows with surprise as wet snow began rapidly accumulating in the…

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Prescribing Sleep

We’ve all heard the old adage “sleep is for the weak.” Turns out we were wrong. Sleep deprivation have real effects on our behavior. Arguably the greatest effects are seen everyday on our roads. Sleep deprivation can be measured when an individual receives less than seven hours of sleep. According to “Why We Sleep” one…

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Smart Phones-Dumb Choices

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s most recent statistics, in 2015 distracted driving crashes caused 3,500 fatalities and almost 400,000 injuries. While teens are four times as likely to engage in the dangerous behavior no one is immune. Distracted driving can be classified into three categories: Visual, Manual and Cognitive. While any activity leading…

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Boating Accident Safety: How to Remain Safe on the Sound

Each summer the Long Island community is plagued with devastating stories of boating trips gone awry. It was only a year ago that Dr. Richard Melucci of John T Mather Memorial Hospital drowned in the Long Island Sound. Dr. Melucci was an avid boater who fell off his 25-foot vessel while out with his wife….

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What to do if your child was hurt while at camp

Each year in the United States over 14 Million children and adults attend summer camp. While there are plenty of camps available to choose from there is one requirement that all parents share, safety. While it’s impossible to predict accidents before they occur you can prepare for them. Camp owners and their employees have a…

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With 250,000 Americans dying from sudden heart attacks each year, this is an important topic. The state of New York has laws in place, “Automatic External Defibrillator” liability laws, addressing the need for a fast response to sudden heart attacks in public places. How AED Laws are Saving Lives of Personal Injury Victims The “Automated External Defibrillator” or “AED”,…

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Long Island Wrongful Death Attorney

At TonaLaw, our New York wrongful death attorneys have a combined 30+ years of litigation experience. We use every resource at our disposal to effectively and efficiently resolve your wrongful death case. To speak with a Long Island wrongful death lawyer, call us at 1-844-TONALAW or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation. Wrongful…

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury & You

The most underreported, underdiagnosed, and underestimated head injury by far is a concussion or mild TBI. Many of these head injuries, also known as mild traumatic brain injuries or MTBI, are caused by a bump or jolt to the head. The injury to the brain results from the brain hitting the interior of the skull upon…

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