Why Choose TonaLaw?

Why Choose TonaLaw?

  1. TonaLaw is Caring: We understand that often an accident is one of the most disruptive and devastating events in a clients life, and our attorneys and staff handle each client matter with the level of compassion we give to our family members.


  1. Honesty & Transparency: We give you all the facts we discover and advise you on all applicable laws to give you what you need to make informed decisions about your matter every step of the way. We believe an informed client is a smart client, and smart clients get good outcomes.


  1. We are Client-Centered: At TonaLaw, the clients’ needs come first.  We insist on, and enjoy, providing strong client service.  We strive to be the most accessible law firm around. We are happy to have our clients visit our offices by appointment and have a team of lawyers and support staff to help you every step of the way.


  1. Responsiveness: We try to answer every inquiry from clients within 24 hours utilizing calls, emails, texts, chats and any other method of communication to get you the answers you need. We take pride in our responsiveness. We try to turn around work as quickly as possible.  Our lawyers answer their own phones and try to return calls and emails immediately.


  1. Experience: We have a staff of attorneys and paralegals that are highly trained in personal injury to deal with all scenarios.  The staff and attorneys handling your matter have over 50 years of combined Personal Injury experience.


  1. TonaLaw is Dedicated: We overprepare our cases and outwork our competitors, the insurance companies, and their attorneys to drive results and practice law at the highest level.  We perform top-quality work for our clients.


  1. We are Cutting Edge: Our firm is a new breed of law firms. We use all available technology to communicate with you and to make your participation in your claim as convenient for you as possible. We use technology extensively to heighten responsiveness and resourcefulness, including digital intake and retainers.  We have extensive electronic legal resources and mobile access to our email.


  1. We are Community Oriented: We take time to enjoy activities outside the law that make us more satisfied, interesting people.  We treat each other with respect as teammates. We pitch in to help each other. We give to our community and are involved with many charities to help those in need.


  1. TonaLaw is trusted by our peers: Fellow attorneys, insurance company adjusters, and insurance company attorneys trust us with their clients and family members.  


  1. We are a proven entity:  While no law firm can guarantee success, we can guarantee that you will get the highest level of legal representation available.  Our work ethic and tireless fighting for our clients is verifiable, just visit birdeye.com/tonalaw, and see what the public is saying.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Claire
    Star Rating

    Working with Tom and his team was a true pleasure. Excellent communication, excellent results, and they always have your best interests at heart. Working with Christina in particular was a breeze. The Tona Team made every part of an arduous process easy to manage and exceptionally clear. If you happen to find yourself in need of an attorney, I would highly recommend TonaLaw.

  • David
    Star Rating

    Thomas Tona is a excellent personal injury attorney. Experienced - Knowledgeable - Ready for Battle - everything a person should have in attorney. I highly recommend Thomas Tona.

  • Veno
    Star Rating

    Great firm that supports our military by providing scholarships to our troops enabling them to invest in their future and earn a degree. I am one of the many service members who have applied for this wonderful opportunity and hope other businesses take it upon themselves to help our fellow brothers to attend college.

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