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Back and neck injuries are some of the most common types of severe personal injury cases reported in New York. A back and neck injury, which can be caused by trauma to the spine or spinal cord, is very serious. They can potentially lead to permanent disability if not treated correctly. Although many people who cope with back and neck pain after an accident recover quickly, millions of people, especially those injured in motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls, experience long-term chronic pain, stress, and permanent disability.


TonaLaw has dealt with thousands of back injury cases throughout Long Island. In many cases, clients have spinal fractures, herniated discs, or bulging discs. Without the necessary medical treatment, these injuries could lead to severe and permanent negative effects.

We fight for our clients’ right to recover compensation for their often expensive medical treatments and the long term care that follows. Through a personal injury claim, they can receive all of the treatment they need to achieve the best possible medical outcome, and they can receive compensation to pay for these expenses to achieve the best possible financial outcome.

If you have been hurt in an accident that caused a major back, neck, or spinal injury, know that you don’t have to struggle through your pain alone. You can work with a back and neck injury lawyer/attorney to explore your legal options for filing a personal injury claim against all responsible parties.

Speak with neck and back injury attorneys in Long Island who have decades of experience handling cases exactly like yours for absolutely free. You can schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today when you contact us online or by phone at 1-833-TONALAW.

Symptoms of Back and Neck Injuries in Long Island

Your spine is made up of 33 small bones called vertebrae, and they are linked together by ligaments. In between each vertebra is a small fluid disc. This disc prevents bone-on-bone contact, maintains an even space between the vertebra, and reduces friction.

During moments of major trauma, your spinal discs can be compressed to create what is known as a bulging disc. Some of the discs may also get trapped outside of its normal region, which is referred to as a herniated disc. In both situations, the body is likely to experience extreme pain. Major nerves traveling from the site of the damaged vertebra react to alert the body that something is wrong. Sometimes, nerves may get trapped in between a bulging or herniated disc, causing compression and even worse pain.

In the most serious cases, the vertebrae themselves can be fractured or broken, damaging discs and nerves in the process.

Symptoms of a serious back or neck injury that requires medical attention include:

  • The feeling of extreme pressure or pain in your neck, head, or along your back
  • Numbness and tingling, especially in your fingers or toes
  • A feeling of weakness, lack of coordination, or paralysis
  • Difficulty maintaining balance or walking
  • Loss of control of your bladder or bowels
  • Trouble breathing
  • Awkward positioning of the spine or neck

If you have recently been in an accident, you may notice some or all of these symptoms. They may grow worse over time, or they may emerge and then disappear, only to reappear again.

Back and neck injuries that do not receive the proper treatment can lead to further complications. Nerves that get compressed can get damaged, which can lead to paralysis. Injured areas may heal improperly, leading to long-term pain and an affected posture.

Any time you think you have sustained a major blow to your back or could have strained your spine as a result of an activity, do not ignore the symptoms. Seek treatment as soon as possible.

If your injury was possibly the result of someone else’s careless actions or decisions, then you can also seek out the assistance of a Long Island back and neck injury lawyer to explore your options for filing a personal injury claim.

Common Causes of Neck and Spine Injuries

Your spinal cord contains all of your body’s most critical nerves. Unfortunately, it can also be exposed to sudden blows during a fall, car wreck, or other accident. Any time the spinal region sustains major trauma, a back or neck injury can occur.

Common ways you can have your back or neck injured include:

  1. Car Accidents: 38.4% of all back and neck injuries are caused by crashes, making it the leading cause
  2. Falls: 30.5%, which includes slip and falls, construction accidents, and falls as a result of unsafe property conditions
  3. Violent Crime: 13.5%, usually as a result of gunshot wounds, which can be the fault of negligent security or property owners
  4. Sports: 8.9%, includes professional and recreational sports as well as “extreme” recreational activities, like bungee jumping, rock climbing, and water skiing
  5. Medical/Surgical Incidents: 4.7% of back and neck injury incidents are related to medical treatment, which can include incidents of malpractice
  6. Other: 4%, which can encompass a range of other incidents, like work-related repetitive stress

Among these injury cases, car accidents and falls are among the most severe.

Whiplash, also known as an acceleration/deceleration injury, refers to the mechanism of injury that occurs in the neck and spine during an automobile collision, when the head suddenly moves backward and then forward, or side-to-side— similar to the motion of someone cracking a whip. This type of motion strains the muscles and ligaments of the spine beyond their normal range of motion, causing pain and suffering.  If severe enough this can also produce brain injuries.

Research shows that the majority of whiplash injuries happen at low speeds, less than 14 mph. A rear-end collision that seems like a minor incident can, therefore, slowly turn into a painful neck or back injury. If you do not evaluate your medical condition as soon as you can, the risk of complications is greater.


40+ Years of Experience

Lawyers require a substantial amount of medical knowledge to properly represent individuals who suffer from personal injuries.

At TonaLaw, our personal injury lawyers in Long Island have over 30 combined years of litigation experience and in-depth medical knowledge, allowing us to advocate for you in the area of back and neck injuries like no other firm.

Often insurance company lawyers and adjusters attempt to undermine the severity of pain and extent of the damages for these types of injury cases. It is our firm’s position that victims suffering from back and neck injuries are entitled to receive full and fair compensation for their injuries and treatment under the law.

A Trusted Long Island Back and Neck Law Firm

TonaLaw works closely with a wide range of chiropractors, orthopedics, neurologists, surgeons, radiologists, and other medical professionals to determine the extent of the physical damages you have suffered in order to recover full compensation for your back and neck injuries. Our Suffolk County-based law firm has a successful track record of verdicts and settlements for our clients. We provide superior legal services to clients throughout all of Long Island, New York City, and New York State.

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At TonaLaw we are a client-first practice. Our attorneys and support staff utilize our extensive legal experience and litigation acumen to represent personal injury clients aggressively, always seeking all remedies available to our clients under the law.

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