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Herniated and bulging discs are one of the leading types of spinal injuries, causing thousands of Americans every year to experience painful symptoms and have difficulty conducting a normal life. Victims can experience intense pain and possible numbness, tingling, or shooting sensations throughout their nervous system. An unlucky few develop partial or total paralysis, requiring extensive medical care.

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Many of these herniated disc injuries are the result of a serious accident, such as a:

If your herniated disc or back injury was related to an unfortunate accident that could be the fault of another party, then you should know that you could have the right to pursue compensation for all of your damages. These damages can include the costs of your medical bills as well as money to make up for lost income, repayment of injury-related out-of-pocket costs, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

TonaLaw has represented thousands of back injury accident victims throughout our existence, providing them with a herniated disc accident lawyer who helped them seek to recover all of their losses through a personal injury claim. We fight for our clients’ rights to fair compensation using the full extent of the law.

Learn more about your legal options for obtaining compensation for your herniated disc, bulging disc, or slipped disc injury from all at-fault parties during a free consultation with an experienced attorney. Schedule your free, no-obligation initial case review now when you call 1-833-TONALAW or contact us online.

Defining Herniated Disc — AKA a Slipped Disc or Bulging Disc

A “herniated disc” diagnosis refers to a condition where some sort of spinal trauma has led to one or more of the discs between your spinal bones (vertebrae) extending beyond where they would normally go.

Our spines not only provide us with structural stability, but they also house most of the body’s main nerve conduits as they travel to our organs and extremities. To ensure that the spine moves smoothly and does not interfere with the nerves that travel through it, our bodies have jelly-like discs in between each vertebra.

After an accident, repetitive stress injury, or another sort of spinal trauma, these fluid discs can bulge out from in between vertebrae, sometimes even rupturing, creating what is medically called a “hernia”. Herniated discs can lead to swelling, causing compression upon the major nerves running through the spine.

A herniated disc can occur anywhere in the spine, including:

  • Neck (cervical spine)
  • Upper back (thoracic spine)
  • Lower back (lumbar spine)

The effects of compressed nerves are almost always painful and debilitating. For instance, injury victims with a herniated disc in their lower back may notice numbness in their feet, odd shooting sensations, and a dull sense of pain near the back of their thigh — a condition known as “sciatica”.

Treatment should be administered as soon as possible. An untreated spinal injury can lead to further complications and secondary conditions, potentially including paralysis or death.

Recovering from a slipped disc can take months, and there are often limited medical or surgical options for directly treating the herniated disc. Instead, patients must receive intensive treatments to stabilize their condition, prevent further injury, and manage their incredible amounts of pain. Some patients may require surgical intervention through a procedure like a spinal fusion or laminectomy, resulting in expensive medical bills and a long recovery period.

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Obtaining Compensation to Pay Medical Bills with Help from a Herniated Disc Lawyer in Long Island

A large portion of herniated disc injuries are caused by incidents that could have been prevented had one or more parties involved not been negligent.

One of the most common ways for a negligent party to inflict a herniated disc injury on an accident victim is by causing a car accident. The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center at the University of Alabama in Birmingham reports that since 2010, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of spinal injury, making up 38% of all known causes.

Falls (31%) and acts of violence (14%) make up the number two and three leading causes of spinal injury. A fall can occur as a result of a Long Island construction accident caused by a negligent site owner, or it could be caused by a faulty ladder created by a defective product manufacturer. Acts of violence can sometimes be attributed to negligent security practices by a property owner, tenant, or security contractor.

In all of these potential injury sources, there may be an at-fault party who is liable for your injuries. If a Long Island bulging disc lawyer can prove that these parties caused your injury through negligence or the manufacture of a defective product, then they will be responsible for paying all of your bills and other associated damages.

You may never know about your opportunity to obtain compensation if you do not speak to a personal injury lawyer in Long Island who has experience handling herniated disc cases like yours. By exploring the circumstances of your case, researching prior rulings relevant to your situation, and obtaining evidence of your injury and the other party’s negligence, you can put forth a successful claim that has a high chance of recovering all of your losses.

Speak to a highly qualified Long Island herniated disc attorney for absolutely free during your initial consultation, and learn about what your best options for obtaining compensation might be. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation now by calling 1-833-TONALAW or by using our quick form to contact us online


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