Ride-sharing scooter rental company Revel is abruptly suspending operations in New York City after a second fatal crash in a two-week period.

A tweet on the official Revel Twitter was sent out on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, stating that “NYC service will be shut down until further notice.”

App users also received a notification informing them that all rentals are suspended for the time being.

The move comes in the immediate aftermath of a 32-year-old user who accidentally “slammed his Revel scooter into a light pole in Queens,” according to a story from the Associated Press.

The earlier death of beloved CBS2 news reporter Nina Kapur, just a week before, had already sent shockwaves through the community, turning the focus to Revel and its safety practices.

Mayor Bill de Blasio indicated that the city was looking into taking action to prompt Revel to do more to prevent such deaths. “Our people have been talking to Revel, and they’ve been making changes, but not enough changes is the bottom line,” de Blasio said in a statement. “This has just gotten to be too much.”

Revel’s move indicates that the company understands the level of the danger their rental service poses. Even if many accidents were caused by reckless rider behavior or inexperience, the lack of training requirements and near-instant availability of the rental scooters has been widely criticized for putting both riders and others in the road in danger.

Those who are hurt or who have family members that have been tragically killed in a Revel scooter accident have possible legal recourse. They can speak with a New York Revel scooter accident lawyer to determine their options for seeking compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Revel Scooter Rental Leads to Tragedy for 26-Year CBS2 Reporter

Every loss hurts, but the loss of someone young, kind, and well-loved in their community is all the harder. Such is the case with the tragic death of 26-year-old Nina Kapur, who died following an accident that occurred while riding a Revel rental moped.

Ms. Kapur worked as an on-air reporter for local Manhattan station CBS2, and she was known for being friendly as well as someone who had a “love for storytelling.”

Kapur graduated from Syracuse University in 2016 from the school’s broadcast and digital journalism program.

Prior to reporting for CBS New York, Kapur worked at News 12 Connecticut. The station shared a public message within the story covering her death declaring that “News 12 staff members are remembering Kapur for her incredible work ethic, as well as her sense of humor and smile.”

Other co-workers had messages full of kind words but also deep remorse.

“@NinaKapur was vivacious and had big plans for the future,” wrote Suzanne Goldklang, a reporter for News 12, in a recent tweet. “Funny, fashionable, and often the first person to like a picture on social media.”

Ms. Kapur was a passenger on the back of a rented Revel scooter when the 26-year-old male operator unexpectedly swerved, “for an unknown reason,” as described in a statement made by NYPD spokeswoman Denise Moroney.

The maneuver caused the vehicle to fall to the roadway. While the operator sustained only minor injuries, Kapur’s condition was, evidently, critical. When she reached the hospital, she was pronounced dead.

Spokeswoman Moroney said that the investigation into the cause of the accident and the official cause of death is ongoing, although she did declare that neither Kapur nor the driver was wearing helmets.

When requested for comment by CNN, a Revel representative stated that the company was, “actively investigating this incident,” in cooperation with the NYPD.

Liability for Revel Scooter Accidents Still Being Determined on a Case-by-Case Basis

Because of a combination of their sudden appearance in major cities and the apparent dangers they pose, Revel rental scooters have been a frequent topic in the news. The company does not require any experience or safety training in order to rent a scooter. And while they do provide optional safety classes, these classes are provided on an infrequent basis that is at too low of a volume to possibly educate every driver.

Drivers have also been engaging in reckless behavior, including not wearing helmets, ignoring traffic laws, and operating vehicles illegally on the sidewalk or in bike lanes. Local physicians report an increase in patients reporting to emergency departments with Revel-related injuries, according to AP News.

As a result of ongoing injury-causing incidents and litigation involving Revel scooter accidents, liability for these incidents is still something being determined on a case-by-case basis.

A New York Revel scooter accident lawyer can provide individuals with legal representation following their injury or the death of a loved one. New York’s negligence laws allow for individuals to still seek recovery of damages resulting from an accident even if they contributed some portion of fault to the circumstances that led to their injury.

Legal representation can’t prevent tragedies, but they can help injury victims or their families recover from the devastating financial and emotional effects.

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