Most people are familiar with the side-impact crash — often called a “T-bone” crash. They typically occur at intersections and involve one car colliding head-on with the side of another vehicle, forming a “T”. In many cases, these accidents are the cause of inattention or reckless behavior.

If you are hit in the side by another vehicle, the injuries you sustain could be severe. These impacts can be the cause of traumatic brain injury, bone fractures, and more. There are steps you can take to protect your right to compensation after such an accident in Long Island.

  • Call 911
  • Follow instructions given by the dispatcher
  • Take pictures or video
  • Provide answers to the police
  • Seek medical attention
  • Contact your insurance agent
  • Talk to a personal injury attorney

Call 911 To Report the Wreck

Your first call needs to be to 911. The dispatcher will ask you questions to determine the type of emergency services necessary. Police, fire, and ambulance crews may respond to the scene depending on the severity of the accident.

The dispatcher will advise you to remain at the scene. You may be asked to stay in your vehicle, move your vehicle, or wait in a safe location. Follow the instructions you are given. Dispatchers are trained to advise you to take actions that will keep you and others as safe as possible.

Take Photographs or Video

While you are waiting for help to arrive, you should take pictures or videos of the accident — if it is safe and you are uninjured. You should take close-ups and wide-angle photographs of the damage to vehicles, the current road conditions, and the surrounding area. You cannot take too many photos. Your Long Island car accident lawyer will determine which are useful to your case.

Seek Medical Attention

Your injuries may be obvious, or you may believe you are uninjured. No matter which, make sure you see a doctor following the collision. Failing to seek a proper diagnosis from a trained medical professional in a timely manner could severely reduce your chance of receiving compensation. There are some injuries that may not show up for days or weeks following the accident. You may have been able to walk away seemingly unscathed, but it doesn’t mean that you or your passengers haven’t suffered an injury.

Call Your Insurance Company

You typically have only 30 days or so to report your accident to your insurance company. Right now it doesn’t matter who was at fault — your insurer needs to know about a possible claim related to a recent accident. Answer the questions you are asked with factual information. If the insurance agent asks a question that is opinion-based, politely decline to answer or respond with “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall”. Agents are trained to ask you questions that elicit answers which can be used to weaken or deny your claim. Don’t let this happen.

It is good to be both cautious and prepared when speaking to insurers, even your own. Saying the wrong thing could jeopardize your ability to claim compensation — and your own insurer may even deny coverage. Speak to an experienced Long Island car accident attorney to know what to anticipate and what to avoid.

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Attorney in Long Island

You have legal rights following a T-bone accident in Long Island. An experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in car accidents can provide you with more information regarding these rights. If you sustained damages, the at-fault party could be forced to compensate you. Never assume that you are on the hook for medical bills and property repair. Most personal injury attorneys offer free case evaluations — take advantage of this!

Compensation Following a T-Bone Collision

If you have been involved in a side impact collision in Long Island or elsewhere in New York, you may be entitled to payments for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other costs associated with the accident

We Are Your Legal Advocates

At The New York Personal Injury & No-fault Collections Law Firm, we know the financial hardship that can be caused by a car accident. The monetary difficulties you face may far outlast your injuries. We don’t believe a victim of someone’s negligence or reckless behavior should be forced to deal with these issues.

We are your legal advocate after a Long Island car accident. Our team will treat you with dignity and respect while fighting vigorously on your behalf. Call 1-833-TONALAW to speak with an experienced member of our team and determine the best course of action following your accident. You can also reach out to us online at your convenience and receive the expert advice you are looking for.