Academic Dishonesty on Long Island

Being accused of college cheating doesn’t have to result in disciplinary action. You have the right to refute an alleged academic integrity violation. You can also demand to see evidence that meets the burden of proof described in your school’s written academic conduct policies.

TonaLaw can inform you of how to fight academic dishonesty charges. Your accusation is not part of your official record until the university has made a “finding,” so addressing the allegations swiftly is vital for the continuation of your academic career.

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A Single Misconduct Finding Can Jeopardize Why You Went to School on Long Island in the First Place

You attend college or university to gain opportunities. No matter whether your goal is to transfer to a more prestigious school, to get hired right out of a four-year program, or to enroll in a post-graduate program, the objective is always to invest in your future.

A single academic misconduct incident can jeopardize your chances of reaching these goals. Being found in violation of academic policies tarnishes your record and affects future opportunities. You may be unable to get into graduate school or to enter an advanced career field like law or medicine. On top of that, large employers are exercising more due diligence than ever before, meaning they may discover disciplinary actions if they request documents from your school.

Every alleged academic violation should be taken seriously. At TonaLaw we believe in your right to be informed of your school’s policies and educated on the burden of proof required to confirm allegations. Many students feel pressured into conceding to disciplinary action even if they don’t believe they’ve violated any specific policies. As a student, you have rights, and your school’s judiciary process must honor them.

Speak to an experienced Long Island academic dishonesty lawyer any time you are accused of cheating or threatened with disciplinary action over alleged academic misconduct. TonaLaw guides you through the process and helps you build a strategy to refute allegations and successfully defend yourself.

TonaLaw Successfully Refuted College Cheating Allegations for Students at Stony Brook University (SUNY)

Our Long Island academic misconduct defense attorneys know that many University Judiciary Committee proceedings expect students to go in blind. In fact, the initial accuser/professor will often rely on this fact. But you have the right to be informed of your school’s processes, policies, and the rules of evidence. You also have the right to be counseled by an attorney experienced in litigation and academic policy enforcement.

In early 2020, TonaLaw provided representation to a student at Stony Brook who was accused of colluding with another student to cheat on an exam. We were able to work with the accused student to successfully get the SUNY University Judiciary Committee to dispose of all the allegations. The student was able to graduate on time and apply for graduate school without worry about a misconduct finding on their record.

Our representation prepared the student for their hearing. We reviewed all of the evidence in the case.  We counseled our client on how to address questioning from the judiciary committee and how to examine the university’s case. Based upon the school’s own conduct policies, the Stony Brook professor who had accused the student of cheating lacked clear and convincing evidence needed to satisfy the established rules of evidence. This led the representative Committee to put forth a motion to drop all charges before the hearing had even finished.

In 2021, TonaLaw defended two more Stony Brook students in separate cases. For one student, TonaLaw Defense included explaining the circumstantial nature of the evidence as inadequate to meet the school’s burden to demonstrate dishonesty as well as a direct attack on the allegations themselves through evidentiary inconsistencies with the allegations. After asking questions of the student and hearing the student’s case the Academic Judiciary deliberated and determined the student had not taken the exams with any other students and did not have access to them beforehand. There was a finding of no wrongdoing. The student was cleared of all charges.

For the other student, they were also accused of colluding with others to complete exams. The student maintained innocence throughout the entire process and presented a defense to the University with TonaLaw. Our defense consisted of refuting the statistical and circumstantial evidence by providing context to the allegations and informing the committee of key facts the accusing parties withheld and after deliberation, the Academic Judiciary found the student not responsible for any of the alleged conduct.

TonaLaw’s representation shows you that your outcome isn’t guaranteed until the appropriate committee has reviewed the evidence and considered the accused student’s own testimony. While many students admitted to being in violation of academic integrity violations and suffered disciplinary action, clients like ours were able to assert their right to a fair process and to be heard.

All TonaLaw Academic Dishonesty case studies:

click to download academic dishonesty ebookProviding Representation During Academic Dishonesty Proceedings at Schools Throughout Long Island

If you are enrolled in a higher education institution on Long Island or in the Five Boroughs, TonaLaw can represent you. We provide counsel for academic judiciary proceedings at schools in:

Nassau County

Home of prestigious schools like Hofstra, Molloy, and Adelphi as well as treasured local schools like Nassau Community College, Nassau County hosts thousands of students each year. We help these individuals review school policies and prepare for hearings to give them the best chance at fair due process.

Suffolk County

Stony Brook University (SUNY) is a major employer and a hub for students from all over the world interested in advanced careers in medicine, aeronautics, engineering, and more. Other institutions like Farmingdale State College, Briarcliffe College, and Touro College mean that great education in Suffolk comes with many options. TonaLaw is their students’ option when accused of an academic code of conduct violations.


Brooklyn has lots to offer for all walks of academia. Kingsborough Community College is an incredibly popular two-year institution, and schools like Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts offer world-class educations. When graduation and career opportunities are threatened by college cheating allegations, TonaLaw can be there to help put your intended path back on track.


Queen’s universities and colleges offer amazing programs amidst NYC’s largest borough. The City University of New York (CUNY) system, for example, boasts multiple institutions like Queens College and York College. Queensborough Community College is a mainstay for individuals looking to transfer to the CUNY system or to enter the workforce. TonaLaw represents Queen’s students when their college experience is marred by accusations of academic dishonesty.


One of the most prosperous and vibrant cities in the whole world also boasts some of the planet’s most prestigious university systems. New York University (NYU) alone features 11 different schools, including the NYU School of Law. Also home to Columbia, Fordham, the Harlem School of the Arts, Baruch University, Pace, Stern, and many more, Manhattan affords some amazing academic opportunities. Don’t let college cheating allegations stand in your way; reach out to TonaLaw for defense counsel and guidance throughout the hearing process.

Get Guidance from Experienced Litigators, And Go Into Your Academic Dishonesty Hearings Prepared

TonaLaw gives you the tools you need to know what to expect during your academic misconduct proceeding and to prepare for what’s ahead. 

Too many students waive their right to a representative. They also concede to accusations they may feel are inaccurate or unwarranted. Hiring an attorney informs you of your rights, and it gives you the legal knowledge you need to approach your case strategically. Since your future could be riding on the outcome, every alleged academic integrity violation deserves your full commitment to defending yourself.

Why cave to accusations that are speculative, lack evidence or are based on specious reasoning? Fight your academic dishonesty charges, and refuse to let your career path be obstructed. Talk to TonaLaw about your options and your rights under the academic policies and procedures of your specific school.

Call our Long Island academic dishonesty investigation attorneys at 1-833-TONALAW or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation case review now.

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