New York’s no-fault car accident laws are supposed to make it easier and more straightforward to file a claim. This can sometimes be the case, but the streamlined process has a habit of leaving money on the table for both accident victims and the medical service providers that treat them.

If you are in the process of filing a no-fault claim, seeking reimbursement for one, or have recently closed one out, know that you have options for claiming the full amount of your losses that insurers typically don’t tell you about. 

TonaLaw can provide you or your organization with legal representation that seeks the full extent of compensation you could be owed. We examine all legal options and leave no stone unturned. Our Long Island personal injury lawyers have experience filing these more obscure types of claims, and we are willing to fight with insurers if that’s what it takes to help you recoup all of your losses after a car accident.

Common sources of uncompensated losses after a car accident in New York include:

  • No-fault lost wages
  • No-fault liens reimbursement
  • Independent medical examiner (IME) denial of continued coverage
  • Peer review denials for car accident injury treatment

Our personal injury attorneys in Long Island have experience representing both injury victims and medical providers. We work closely with you to resolve your outstanding unclaimed losses quickly, efficiently, and with the full weight of the law behind us.

Call 1-833-TONALAW or contact us online today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and find out how you can recover money that insurers don’t want most people to know about.

Recovering Lost Wages in a No-Fault Claim

Car accident injury victims may lose out on income as they recuperate. Bodily injury liability (BIL) insurers are usually pretty good about working with injury victims to ensure that these losses are documented and included as part of the claim.

However, no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurers can often leave this type of coverage unspoken about. Injury victims file their medical bills reimbursement claim and receive a quick reply without even realizing that they can also be reimbursed for the wages they lost when they missed work. Even salaried employees may be able to claim reimbursement for the sick days, vacation time, or personal leave days they had to use to heal. This includes claims for single-car accidents.

TonaLaw is intimately familiar with the no-fault lost wages claims process. We rigorously document your income before and after the accident to prove your losses and request fair compensation in return.

Even if you have settled your no-fault claim, you have the possibility to still claim lost wages in some instances. You can seek arbitration or file for an appeal. Our attorneys want you to recover all of the money you could have left behind from your settlement.

Liens Reimbursement

When you want to delay payment on your hospital bills until you receive a settlement from a no-fault PIP or third-party BIL insurance policy, providers create what is called a “medical lien.” This is a legal agreement that says that you are indebted to the provider and that they are entitled to be reimbursed first from any settlement you receive.

These medical liens can carry legal consequences and financial penalties. Those who agree to them may have additional losses that tend to go uncompensated in a typical car accident injury claim.

TonaLaw fights to get you every cent of your settlement, including compensation for your lien costs. We play hardball with insurers to get you the fair amount you deserve to repay you for all of your accident-related losses, not just some of them.

IME Denials of Continuing Care

Insurers often play by their own rules, including being able to dictate which doctor car accident victims see to obtain a professional medical opinion. These independent medical examiners, or “IMEs,” can often have stricter interpretations of diagnoses than the average doctor, allowing insurers to deny coverage for continued care. 

In effect, the IME will say that the patient is fully healed and no longer needs any more care. The insurer will use this opinion to say that any further treatment costs are not “reasonable and necessary” and, therefore, not covered.

If you are a care provider treating a car accident injury victim, then you may strongly disagree with the IMEs professional opinion. You may believe that medical standards require you to continue administering care until the patient is fully recovered.

TonaLaw will work with you to claim the costs of this additional treatment. We have helped hundreds of medical providers in Long Island obtain reimbursement for medical services, supplies, and outpatient treatments that they consider necessary.

Peer Review Denials

No-fault insurance companies have a tendency to reject medical care costs for car accident victims on a consistent basis. Once a peer review board has determined that certain treatments or costs were not “reasonable and necessary,” then the insurer can claim that those costs are uncovered. This can leave medical care providers in the lurch for treatment, supplies, and services they rendered to car accident victims that are unpaid for.

TonaLaw fights on behalf of care providers to appeal peer review denials or seek arbitration to overturn their decisions. We know that providers have an obligation to treat every patient and seek their full recovery, so our no-fault claims lawyers know how tough it can be to hear that you will be denied reimbursement. 

Through our experience and familiarity with the no-fault claims process, we use every legal strategy available to seek the maximum amount of reimbursement legally available for services you have provided or intend to provide to car accident victims.

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