TonaLaw No-Fault Case Studies

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Reimbursement of Wrongly Denied Medical Bills

Two separate arbitrations were filed by our office for a Chiropractor seeking reimbursement of wrongly denied medical bills for the treatment of an injured patient under the patient’s No-Fault Insurance policy. The first claim never went to arbitration and was settled. The second claim went to arbitration and the Chiropractor was awarded the full reimbursement of treatments and services. Click for full settlement details.

No-Fault Coverage: Lost Wages and Medical Debt

This case shows that sometimes your insurance company cares more about profits than you. When this happens, our firm fights to get the no-fault benefits you are entitled to under your auto insurance policy. Click for full settlement details.

Reimbursement for Services after Insurance Company Refused to Pay Over Policy Limit

For this case, our firm held the insurance company responsible for paying what was owed to a treatment center. We will fight to get you the no-fault benefits you deserve when the insurance company refuses to pay. Click here for full settlement details.

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