Summertime Injuries

Summertime is known as “Trauma season” for Emergency room doctors, especially in New York and Long Island. When the clocks change, kids who are used to being inside gain an extra hour or two to play outside which is one factor that leads to a dramatic increase in accidents.  And adults are also more active outdoors.  Please keep safety in mind this summer.  However, if you or a loved one become injured, call 1-833-TONALAW right away, and we will fight for you.

1.Heat-Related Illness- happens when someone is very active in extreme heat or does not consume enough water. This can happen when individuals choose to exercise outside during the hottest part of the day, typically between 10 am-2 pm. Signs of heatstroke including confusion, headache, nausea, and vomiting. To avoid a heat-related illness be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing and drink plenty of water. If you must be outside during the hotter portions of the day try to stay in the shade and limit physical activity.

2. Bicycle/Motorcycle Accidents-As the weather gets warmer more people use motorcycles/bikes as their primary mode of transportation. To decrease the chance of injury be sure to wear proper safety equipment and abide by traffic regulations. Also, parents must supervise their kids as they ride in the street.

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3. Swimming Injuries- According to the U.S. Centers For Disease Control drowning is the second most common cause of death by unintentional injury, behind auto accidents, among children ages 1-4 years-old. Children are more likely to drown in pools, unlike adults who are more likely to drown in a natural body of water. If you cannot find your child at your residence, check the pool first.

4. Car Accidents- Increased travel during summer vacations- More teenagers are killed in motor vehicle accidents between Memorial Day and Labor Day than any other time of the year. To minimize risk ensure that your teens buckle up and avoid distractions such as loud music or too many passengers in the car.

5. Fireworks- Fireworks are responsible for over 10,000 injuries each year. These injuries are primarily caused by the force of the explosion or a fire resulting from it. Furthermore, individuals are not only putting themselves in danger by using fireworks but their neighbors as well. The combination of hot and dry heat creates an ideal setting for fires to spread. The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control urges all New Yorkers to abide by the law and avoid injury by only attend professional fireworks demonstrations.

6. Lawnmower Injuries- Adults are the main victims of lawn mower-related incidents. These injuries, although not as frequent as others, tend to be more severe. Experts warn not to wear sandals when mowing the lawn and to watch out for rocks and branches.Furthermore, adults should not allow children near lawnmowers and reiterate that is is not a toy but rather a dangerous tool.

7. Food Poisoning- Food poisoning is more prevalent during the summer months. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, high temperatures and humid conditions create an ideal breeding environment for bacteria to grow. Be mindful when cooking food outside and be sure to follow these 4 simple steps to food safety during the summer: CLEAN, SEPARATE, COOK and CHILL.

8. SunBurns- Adults are more likely to suffer severe sunburns during the summer when compared to children. To avoid serious injury, or to minimize the risk of skin cancer, doctors advise everyone to apply sunscreen when spending time outdoors. Experts advise us to be mindful of the “Sun Protection Factor” or SPF on our sunscreen and be sure to re-apply when necessary. For example, a sunscreen that has an SPF 30 will protect you for thirty minutes after application. Doctors warn that an individual should seek treatment if their sunburn results in blisters or they experience nausea, headache or extreme pain or chills.

9. Insect Bites- Ticks are a common problem on Long Island and could be very harmful if left undetected. Although Lyme disease is the most commonly transmitted infection other forms of tick-related illnesses are on the rise. Dr. Luis Marcos of Stony Brook University Hospital said Suffolk County has the state’s highest number of cases of babesiosis, which is caused by Babesia, a parasite. The Deer tick is known to Long Island residents but in recent years Long Island has also been invaded by the lone star tick. The lone star tick is an aggressive tick from the South which is known to transmit the bacterial infection Ehrlichiosis. To remain healthy try to avoid areas with high grass and always check yourself and your children when you return home.

10. Playground Injuries- When the weather gets nicer and kids are out for summer vacation accidents on the playground increase exponentially. Parents need to supervise their children at the playground and inspect the equipment prior to an activity. Heights on the playground are one of the leading causes of injuries which include broken bones, concussions, and head trauma.

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