Listen in as we explore the fascinating journey of Ryan McKeen, co-founder of the Connecticut Trial Firm, who turned his passion for plaintiff’s work into a successful business. Ryan shares how he and his partner, Andrew Garza, set out with the audacious goal of becoming the best trial firm in Connecticut and how they achieved a $107 million verdict. He also reveals the economic reasoning behind their strategy, their reliance on trial as their only leverage, and their determination to become excellent at their craft.

Ryan sheds light on the importance of having both business acumen and technical trial expertise to build a successful firm. We discuss the importance of hiring great attorneys, paralegals, and support staff and the potential for bankruptcy when taking on certain cases. 

Listen in as Ryan shares the invaluable coaching he received from industry experts and the challenges they faced as the firm grew. Finally, we explore the value of investing in yourself, producing content, and understanding what is and isn’t important when it comes to investing energy. Don’t miss this inspiring episode with Ryan McKeen!

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Ryan’s journey to building a successful trial firm and achieving a $107 million verdict.
  • The strategy behind their success, including the use of trials as their leverage and the economic reasoning for wanting to excel at their craft.
  • Their experience in high-stakes settlements, including the negotiation of a $6 million settlement before the opening statements in a case.
  • The challenges of building a firm such as hiring great staff and the potential for bankruptcy when undertaking certain cases.

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The Road to Success in Trial Law: Passion, Strategy, and Multi-Million Dollar Settlements

In the high-stakes world of trial law, success is often measured by the ability to turn passion into profit. This journey requires a deep understanding of the legal landscape, strategic decision-making, and an unwavering commitment to fight for justice. However, achieving significant verdicts and settlements is only the end result of a journey fraught with challenges and hurdles. In this blog post, we will explore the key aspects of building a successful trial firm, drawing lessons from successful trial lawyers and their intriguing stories.

Building a Successful Trial Firm: Passion and Strategy

The cornerstone of any successful trial firm is a deep passion for the plaintiff’s work. This passion fuels the determination to become excellent at the craft. However, passion alone is not sufficient. It must be coupled with a strategic economic understanding that trials are the only leverage in a firm’s arsenal to achieve justice for the clients. This combination of passion and strategy can set a firm on the path to achieving audacious goals, such as becoming the best trial firm in a given area or achieving multi-million dollar verdicts.

High-Stakes Settlements: The Art of Negotiation

In the world of high-stakes settlements, negotiation skills are paramount. A successful trial lawyer must be able to confidently negotiate a favorable settlement right before opening statements. This requires a deep trust in the plaintiff and an ability to utilize tools like focus groups to gain confidence in the case. Additionally, a successful trial lawyer must be able to work closely with industry experts to develop and prepare for trial strategies that may lead to significant settlements.

The Role of Business Acumen and Technical Expertise

Building a successful trial firm requires more than just legal prowess. It involves a delicate balance of business acumen and technical trial expertise. Trial lawyers often need to shift their focus towards the business side of the firm, leaving the technical trial aspects to a dedicated team. This includes hiring great attorneys, paralegals, and support staff, strategically planning the firm’s growth, and preparing for potential financial challenges like bankruptcy when taking on certain cases. 

Making Investments and Creating Content

Building a successful firm also involves making strategic investments in learning about business and law and producing valuable content. Settling a significant case can be a major turning point in a lawyer’s career, but it often requires a bold decision to invest in oneself. This could involve investing in coaching, learning from industry experts, or investing in the right people for the firm. In addition, creating content and staying true to oneself is vital in building a successful firm.

Achieving Justice and Success 

In conclusion, the journey to building a successful trial firm is a complex process that requires passion, strategy, business acumen, and technical expertise. Whether it’s fighting for a client’s justice in court or negotiating a multi-million dollar settlement, the ultimate goal of a trial lawyer is to achieve justice for their clients. This journey is not without its challenges, but with the right mindset and approach, success is attainable.

Remember, the highest return on investment one can get is from investing in oneself. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep fighting for justice.