In the early spring, our client was getting their car cleaned at a Suffolk County car wash. As the client was waiting, an oncoming car that was being operated by a car wash employee, struck them. 

Due to the accident, the client suffered multiple injuries, including right hip fractures, right leg sprains, right knee sprains, shoulder tear, and cervical herniation. The client underwent hemiarthroplasty surgery for their right hip due to the severity of the fracture. The surgery, as well as the other injuries obtained in the accident, required extensive treatment at a rehabilitation facility. 


Due to the severity of the injuries endured, the client was no longer able to live independently, as they did prior to the accident. The injuries also affected the clients’ ability to complete, what was once, simple daily tasks. This particular case became difficult when the client passed away during litigation, for reasons that were unrelated to the accident. 


After extensive negotiation, Attorney Thomas Tona continued to move forward with the litigation, substituting the client’s estate in the action. A settlement of $300,000 was reached on the eve of trial.

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