Injury Type: Shoulder Tear (L)
Accident Type: MVA
Settlement Amount: $42,500

Case Overview

The client suffered a shoulder tear after their vehicle was struck by a vehicle exiting a parking lot. The client elected to not have surgery on their shoulder.

Case Facts

  • Injury/accident suffered
    • A full-thickness tear of left shoulder, post-concussion syndrome, cervical radiculopathy
  • Location of injury/accident
    • Smithtown, NY
  • How did the injury/accident happen?
    • The client was traveling on the main roadway, when a vehicle exited a parking lot, striking his vehicle

How did TonaLaw help?

Within six months, we obtained the full policy for the client($25,000). One month after that, we obtained an additional settlement from the client’s SUM policy($17,500). The entire matter was resolved within seven months of the accident for $42,000.00.

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