Injury Type: Multiple, listed below
Accident Type: MVA

Case Overview

The client was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, where liability was heavily contested.

Case Facts

  • Injury/accident suffered
    • Hospitalized for 5 days with 3 pelvic fractures, 2 rib fractures, tear in left knee requiring arthroscopy, 4-5 weeks in a rehabilitation facility, laceration of spleen, scalp laceration, concussion
  • Location of injury/accident
    • Bay Shore, NY
  • How did the injury/accident happen?
    • The client was stopped exiting a 7-11 parking lot, about to cross over a two-lane roadway. Weather conditions were wet and foggy. After checking to see if the roadway was clear, they pulled out and was T-boned by a speeding vehicle

How did TonaLaw help?

Liability was heavily disputed. Due to this dispute and the severity of the client’s injuries, the carrier denied the claim. TonaLaw initiated litigation immediately. After expert witness disclosure was exchanged, which included a report from accident reconstruction and highway safety specialist, a near-full policy settlement was reached.

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