Tona Law Traumatic Brain Injury from Drunk Driving Accident Study

Year: 2019

Accident Type: Drunk Driving Accident/Dram Shop Case. This case involved a high-speed impact by a drunk driver to the rear of the vehicle our client was a passenger in. The bar that served the drunk driver was sued in addition to the drunk driver as well as the driver of the host vehicle.

Throughout three years of litigation, TonaLaw was able to conclusively establish fault against the drunk driver and the bar that overserved them while they were visibly intoxicated.

Injury Type:

-Major traumatic head injury with coma – GSC Coma Scale rating of 3
-Bilateral Intraparenchymal brain bleed within the brain parenchyma
-Two (2) sub-centimeter hyperdense intraparenchymal foci within the right frontal and left parietal subcortical white matter representing hemorrhagic axonal shear injury
-Severe diffuse axonal injury evidenced by lesions in the white matter of the brain (Responsible for unconsciousness and vegetative states – causes brain cells to die which causes swelling to the brain)
-Presence of subcentimeter intraparenchymal hyperdense foci within the right frontal and left parietal subcortical white matter due to hemorrhagic shearing injury
-Two (2) Traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage to the right ambient cistern and right quadrigeminal plate cistern
-Severe Intracranial injury
-Atelectasis (Collapse of the bilateral lower lobe airspace – lungs)
-Permanent Mobility/ambulation Deficits
-Permanent Cognitive Deficits
-Permanent Short Term Memory Impairments
-Permanent Right Lower Extremity Deficits
-Permanent Right Upper Extremity Deficits
-Inability To Learn New Verbal Material
-Attention Skills Assessed At The Lowest Measurable Level
-Permanent Reduction Of Fine Motor Coordination In Right Dominant Hand

How did TonaLaw help?

TonaLaw litigated this matter for almost three years, retaining multiple experts to prove the case including a Toxicologist, an Accident Reconstruction Expert, a Neuropsychologist, and others. On the eve of trial, Defendants requested a pre-trial mediation. After an exhaustive two months of mediation, and protracted negotiations the matter settled on the eve of trial.

Verdict/Settlement Amount: $1,310,000

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