Year: 2021

Case Overview

State University of New York, Stony Brook, Student was accused of cheating along with dozens of other students. According to the student in question, most others simply pled guilty and accepted the proposed penalty from the University. However, this particular student was adamant about having committed no wrongdoing and was aware that a finding of responsibility could be a bar to the entrance to graduate school. As a result, TonaLaw represented the student throughout the process before the academic judiciary and assisted in the formulation of a defense. After hearing, the student was found to have committed no wrongdoing and received the earned grade in the class. 

Case Facts

  • Student Accused of Academic Dishonesty along with numerous other students;
  • Student accused of colluding with others to complete exams;
  • Professors presented statistical and circumstantial evidence based on exam scores and data gathered from exam software;
  • The student maintained innocence throughout the entire process and presented a defense to the University with TonaLaw; 
  • TonaLaw Defense consisted of refuting the statistical and circumstantial evidence by providing context to the allegations and informing the committee of key facts the accusing parties withheld; and
  • Academic Judiciary deliberated and found the student not responsible for any of the alleged conduct.

TonaLaw was able to successfully represent and defend a student accused of academic dishonesty at a State University of New York School, and the student was cleared of all charges of wrongdoing. 

Being accused of college cheating doesn’t have to result in disciplinary action. You have the right to refute an alleged academic integrity violation. Call an experienced academic dishonesty lawyer on Long Island at 1-833-TONALAW or contact us online to schedule a free case review regarding your misconduct allegation. Your appointment is 100% confidential, and there’s no obligation to retain an attorney afterward, so there’s no risk to you.

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