TonaLaw successfully represented and defended a student accused of academic dishonesty at a Top 100 University in the Nation.

Year: 2021

Case Overview

A student at a Top 100 University in the Nation, located in Stony Brook, NY,  was accused of academic dishonesty by two professors. While the student was not the only one in the class to be accused of academic dishonesty this semester, the student was one of only a handful of students to defend against the charges. The student was accused of taking exams in conjunction with another student either in the same physical location or by electronic means and/or having accessed the exams themselves before the exam period without the professors knowing. The student at issue unequivocally denied all wrongdoing and hired TonaLaw to aid in the defense of the case. 

Case Facts

  • Student Accused of Academic Dishonesty by either taking exams in tandem with others or accessing exams before they were available to students;
  • Professors used circumstantial evidence to try and connect the student at issue to wrongdoing in the form of taking exams with other student(s) or having the exams before they were available for the exam period;
  • The student presented defense before the Academic Judiciary and faced intense questioning for which TonaLaw had prepared the student;
  • TonaLaw Defense included explaining the circumstantial nature of the evidence as inadequate to meet the school’s burden to demonstrate dishonesty as well as a direct attack on the allegations themselves through evidentiary inconsistencies with the allegations; and 
  • Academic Judiciary deliberated, after asking questions of the student and hearing the student’s case, and determined the student had not taken the exams with any other students and did not have access to them beforehand. There was a finding of no wrongdoing. The student was cleared of all charges.

TonaLaw was able to successfully represent and defend a student accused of academic dishonesty at a Top 100 University in the Nation, and the student was cleared of all charges and of any wrongdoing.

Being accused of college cheating doesn’t have to result in disciplinary action. You have the right to refute an alleged academic integrity violation. Call an experienced academic dishonesty lawyer on Long Island at 1-833-TONALAW or contact us online to schedule a free case review regarding your misconduct allegation. Your appointment is 100% confidential, and there’s no obligation to retain an attorney afterward, so there’s no risk to you.

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