Who is Tom Tona and what is Virtual Marketing?

Thomas is an attorney and business owner with 26 years of experience under his belt. In this video, he goes over the most valuable tools to his marketing success. Now more than ever with face-to-face interactions lessening due to the Covid-19 crisis, virtual marketing keeps you even closer to your clients. Through virtual marketing and a lot of quick-thinking, Thomas has been able to keep his business moving forward quickly and efficiently. The first thing that he stresses is the importance of always being ready for a crisis. By making slight pivots to his business, like cloud computing, for example, he’s been able to keep his business nimble. Another thing that he stresses is the importance of thinking outside of the box. He talks at length about his experience with business coaches and how they’ve been able to help his business grow. The Internet, specifically social media is your best friend in a virtual world. You should have accounts with Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Clients should not only be able to see what people think about your business, but they should be able to google your business and tell other people how amazing you are. Thomas implores business owners to take advantage of other tools like MailChimp to send out email blasts and he also shares the importance of text messaging. Thomas goes over the need to be in constant communication with your clients. By being proactively communicative with your clients not only are you reassuring them and cementing those relationships but you may even be taking business from your competition. Thomas firmly believes that when you invest in your client they will, in turn, invest in you. He’s done everything from sending meals to just calling to ask how they are doing. This video will provide a road map to all of the really simple but actionable ways that you could be making your business more profitable.

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Full Transcript of Virtual Marketing Now & Forever

Thomas: Just a little bit about what we do and my firm and myself. I’ve been in business for 26 years. My law firm has three main divisions, the personal injury litigation division, my no-fault collection division which is B2B, and business and consumer litigation. Broken down as you see on the screen. Chris runs my personal injury litigation. He’s actually been managing my No-Fault division as well.

One of the things we did during the crisis was, we consolidated down to work on work in progress and managed through the crisis. We’re in expansion mode again now and we’re looking to hire, but this is basically what the firm structure was before Corona still is in a consolidated fashion. Is everybody able to see the full slide? Everybody can see it?

Participant: Yes.

Thomas: Okay. What is virtual marketing? Virtual marketing again, replacing what we did face to face, why is it extremely relevant now more than ever? One virtual marketing increases efficiency through leverage. You rely heavily on technology and that allowed me specifically to work extremely fast during the Coronavirus and I realized I’m going to continue doing this forever. That’s why I titled it Virtual Marketing Now & Forever. I don’t see ever backing off of the things that worked and adding them to the other stuff I was already doing which was the face-to-face when we go back to that.

Why is it relevant? This type of marketing led to increased profitability. The more people that knew about my firm and knew what we were doing allowed us to be selective. I actually stopped representing several clients during Corona because we chose to eliminate that from a profitability perspective that they just didn’t fit our profitability model at the time.

The most powerful tool in my opinion is the cell phone. The six major platforms that everybody uses and I’ll go into specifics, but the whole key to virtual marketing is no different from every other type of marketing which is the reliance on digital interactions, creating top of mind awareness, TOMA for you and your business.

It was extremely cost-efficient. I ended up cutting my in-house marketing budget completely during that time including letting go of my marketing director because all I was focused on was text messaging, telephone calls, emails, and a bunch of other different things that required my personal focus on marketing. It was extremely cost-efficient.

Here’s the most important part. During COVID what we learned was there was only one way to market and that was virtual. It was only one way to market to our clients, our referral sources, or potential clients or potential referral sources. If you didn’t do it, you likely didn’t see new business coming in. You might have lost business you don’t even know about.

The Coronavirus crisis timeline was extremely important and I’ll explain to you why shortly. On around March 17th Cuomo announced that we had to make a 50% reduction. I had already known we were going to be shut down at that time. The next day he increased it to 75% and then by Friday, everybody is fully remote, we’re shutting down.

My office was already prepared for this. I’ve been in the cloud for 10 years. Hopefully, everybody is now in the cloud, but if you didn’t start prepping until march 23rd, you were already too late. That applied to the marketing of your business as well. Is there going to be a second wave? I do think there’s going to be. I’m already preparing for the worst-case scenario again and I recommend that everybody do that as well.

What did we do that worked in marketing and crisis management and what will you do? My job as the leader, I see it as two-fold. During a crisis, it is to, crisis management and marketing. During a normal workday, 80% of my day is marketing anyway, but during the Coronavirus, those were my two most important functions. We’re only going to focus on marketing today because crisis management is a whole different module that I would have to do.

Here’s the baseline of what I had in effect pre-crisis that I found to be tremendously useful as a lawyer, as a law firm owner, as a business owner. If you don’t have this stuff in effect ask yourself why what’s stopping you and should you be thinking more outside the box? One, we had a business coach. We use a company called Atticus Advantage. They specialize in business coaching for law firms.

I belong to the group plan and I belong to private one-on-one coaching where we do an hour a week. During the crisis, it was an hour a day plus I was on webinars for marketing and crisis management, the balance of my time.

If you don’t have a business coach– In every business, I believe there are business coaches, but at a bare minimum, there are coaching entities out there, that you really need to look at what you want to do with your business. I don’t believe that you can take a small business and scale it up without coaching. It’s just my belief because then it’s just trial and error. Coaching eliminates that.

I’ve spoken about our Google My Business page before. Some of you still don’t have Google My Business set up on google. People can’t find you if you’re not on Google My Business. If you don’t have it, I can’t leave a five-star review on Google where it matters, in my opinion, the most.  You may be the best electrician in town but if he doesn’t have a Google My Business page. Then he might be the best, but I can’t shout his praises.  No one will know. 

Social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business you have got to be on these platforms. Your choices are going to be limited. You’re either going to do it yourself or you can delegate that stuff. We had an email vendor in place already, MailChimp. It allowed me to email messages to 7,500 people, multiple times. Text messaging. We have a program called Zipwhip, that allows us to correspond with our clients and iMessage which is on my cell phone which every phone has a different messaging application.

A website. Now is a great time during the Coronavirus to work on content. I wrote probably 50 to 60 pages of content for our website. We put a red banner up on the home page day one saying, ‘Hey we’re open, we’re working fully remote’. That was on March 23rd, the Monday after the shutdown started. Then one of the most important things that I’ve always had and I highly recommend everybody do and do it today if you don’t have it, a top 100 list or at least the top 20 list of who are your largest referrers of business?

Based on the Pareto Principle we know 80% of business will come from the top 20% of your referrers. Make a list of your top 20 business referrers. Who do you need to get on with immediately if this happens again? 

What I did on March 21st, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. I was panicked, I was nervous. I’m not going to lie. I did not know what a shutdown meant for business.

I made a pot of coffee and I said, I’m going to do what I always do when I don’t know what to do, which is start marketing. Start marketing to all my top 100 business sources. I pulled out my marketing CRM, contact relationship management software and I started lighting up my top 100 business sources with a personal text message or a personal email that they were going to wake up to that morning.

Then the calls started coming in by seven o’clock in the morning. People were worried about their No-Fault collections. People were worried about their personal injury cases. By seven o’clock on that Saturday morning, I was taking calls until about twelve o’clock. I was doing those one-on-one, phone calls, emails, and texts the balance of the weekend.

By Monday, I sent out bulk emails to all 7,500 of my contacts saying, we are open Monday morning for business. We are fully remote, here’s the software we have, here’s the hardware we have. Everyone on my team had a computer, a scanner, a shredder, a printer, and everything they needed to continue working. Within that whole window, I started to hear back from my largest referrers of business. Some of these companies are doing $100 million in No-Fault collections. One particular way that I realized I knew I was on to something was her comment to me by eight o’clock was, listen I haven’t heard from my other law firms. I’m giving you all of their work too through Coronavirus.

Think about that statement for a second. By eight o’clock in the morning on Saturday, I took the business from other law firms because she hadn’t heard from them. Do I think it’s reasonable or unreasonable that a law firm would not have contacted somebody by eight o’clock the following? Doesn’t matter? I won that race because I was there as she was drinking coffee that morning.

After the initial shock and awe marketing which was what all of Saturday was about, I spent the rest of my focus during the Coronavirus and even now on crisis management and marketing. Operations and services were all delegated out to my team which was consolidated, but everybody was so happy to be busy that no one cared and productivity was shooting through the roof believe it or not.

My sole focus was on messaging to anybody I could. I attended every webinar that I could on virtual marketing from the very beginning. I took what was useful, I disregarded the rest. Not everything I show you today is going to be useful for your business. Take what’s useful. Hopefully, you walk away with one actionable thing, but I think I have a lot more for you.

I doubled down on my coaching. If you don’t have a coach, I recommend you look into one-on-one coaching or group coaching or a combination, but I recommend you look into your specific business. I know they have them for auto mechanics, they have them for tradesmen. How do you run your business like a business and grow it to scale?

I did three Zooms a week with the group and private coaching on crisis management and marketing, each lasting from one to four hours. Here was a big thing that I did also, I never cut my digital marketing with my outside company/SEO company. If you have that person that was not a cut you should have made at the beginning of the Coronavirus because shutting that down shuts down your website growth, it shuts down your social media growth and effectually you’ve got to start back from scratch again once you decide to resume.

Be intentional during a crisis. Obviously you have to focus on survival. Cutting costs where you can, figuring what’s imperative, what’s not, increasing incoming revenue, staying focused on marketing, and building the brand despite the crisis. That should leave you in a great marketing position after the crisis and benefit from the new market vacuum. A lot of businesses did not survive this. You got to rescue yourself and marketing is the only way to do it. Marketing didn’t change by the way.

Marketing is marketing regardless of when you’re doing it. Regardless of the crisis, the scenario, the current climate, you should be marketing. It’s about people and it was about communication, strengthening relationships, top of mind awareness. Was I scared? Yes. Did I communicate scared? No. You get on a call and you communicate terror, fear, anger, you’ve lost that marketing opportunity.

I like to picture myself like the lighthouse in the storm. Of course, there are fires going on everywhere. People call me up, I was to be the calm voice of reason. That’s what I portray on social media, that’s what I portrayed in my email marketing, every text message, every call. You have to stay disciplined, you have to stay focused.

Who did I market to? My current clients, my past clients, my referral sources, which my top 100, but I would recommend everybody on this call and that includes my employees. Have your top 20 list. Be marketing to them. My vendors. If somebody was trying to sell me something, I was trying to market back to them. I spent time on everybody.

Speaking of employees real quick, I made sure my employees were marketing to everybody they were on the phone with. Hey, just want to let you know we’re open. I’m working on your file, here’s what I’m doing. Clients really responded to that and they referred over new clients during the Coronavirus.

Here were the messaging guidelines, they’re really simple. It really is How to Win Friends and Influence People 101 by Dale Carnegie. One if you haven’t read that book shame, shame, shame. If you’re looking to grow your business you need to read How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you have read it, reread it again. I highly recommend, especially during a crisis, but at all times, put all of your attention on the client or the referral source. They don’t care about you. If you start talking about how good or bad things are and you’re not asking them how things are with them, you’ve lost already because I’m calling them up and I’m asking them questions. Simple questions, text messaging. Hey, how are you doing? It opens the door for, “I’m not doing that good. I went away to Vegas last week and I think I was exposed.” Now you’re having a conversation. Now you’re winning the marketing game because you’re showing somebody you care about. You are showing empathy.

Focus on connecting and supporting the people you’re talking to. Provide immediate value wherever you can, not necessarily your services. The immediate win in marketing is to provide immediate value not with an ask, for free, and I did a lot of that. I still do a lot of that, for free. I provide a lot of free services and it’s leading people to retain me time and time again for my money-making services without me asking.

Marketing actions you could do right now. This was important for me to make it simple and easy with immediate takeaways for everybody. Low-cost takeaways. I made a list. These are virtual marketing actions. You can read them. I’m going to go through the ones that I found the most effective and what I did immediately.

Email blasts and posts about your business being open on social media if you’re offering virtual options, telling them. Reviewing of client accounts with the client because when you do that you’re telling them you’re working on stuff, you’re telling them what you’re working on and you might find out if they have new cases or access to new cases or new matters to handle.

Creating fidget spinners. It’s a good time to work on content. Creating a website blog content was huge for me. I spent a lot of time doing it and I got a lot of cases out. Thanking people with notes, with text messages, with phone calls thanking them for referrals. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ve got to use social media. I don’t love doing it, but I do it.

Let me tell you about a Facebook link, an Instagram win I had. I had been posting messages on all five of the platforms throughout the Coronavirus. I get a call the other day, the client says, “Hey, I need your help.” Sure enough, it’s a monstrous case, it is probably a seven-figure legal fee. I said to her, how did you find me? She said, “Well, I’ve been following you on Instagram for years and I saw that you were open through the whole virus. I remembered you and I knew it was time to talk.”

If I tell you that the posting I’m doing you can buy a $15-a-month app. It’s called Canva. You create the post-yourself-a million-dollar legal fee from one social media platform five posts that I posted, hey we’re open and we’re working. If you’re not doing that, I can’t tell you the amount of business that you’re not getting, but I can guarantee somebody else is getting it. Somewhere out there somebody who does what you do is taking these small steps to get a competitive edge.

Updating your online profiles, a great time to do it. If you have expertise– You’re the engineer. Doing a webinar on what to look for in-home inspections and you do 15-minute segments each that you record and it’s reusable content, very valuable. You might get real estate investors that apply to it. These are all a bunch of other ideas you can do that is virtual. I will tell you that going down to the bottom of it. It says send baskets and appreciation gifts. What I did was if I had people that were in my top 100 I sent out lunch or dinner multiple times during the Coronavirus to their offices, especially my b2b firms, my largest surgical centers. I sent out multiple lunches and dinners to the people that send me the business within those businesses. Some of them said, “No, thank you. I don’t want it. I’m going to pass.” I said, “okay, I’m going to take that money $100 or $200. I’m going to donate it to the food bank in your name, then I would send them a text message of the receipt.”

Okay, I got a lot of business out of that. The ROI on the hundred dollar dinner. People were so burnt out trying to figure out what to make for dinner. That I was giving them a reprieve from, saying, “Hey, I’m thinking about you. Hopefully, this makes your day a little easier.” I got tremendous ROI from that. I did it also because I care. These are people that are watching out for my business during a crisis. I wanted to say thank you. I had a rule that I had to do at least 10 to 15 text messages a day to my top contacts, one to each of them, two to each of them. I did a minimum of 10 phone calls a day.

I will tell you, my stats I did in March, April, and May 4000 text messages a month. How many did you do? Did you miss out on that opportunity to not be creating marketing relationships using a cellphone? Okay, the 10 phone calls a day it was probably more like 20 for me, okay, but I actually put it in my calendar. A lot of these came from my Atticus group because they’re big on marketing. I added a bunch of stuff that I was doing that they ended up incorporating because they saw how well it was working, sending lunches to people not saying oh, you got to eat lunch with me on Zoom.

Saying listen, enjoy your lunch, we don’t need to talk shop. I’m just sending this because I care. You can do screenshots of all this stuff and anybody that wants it, just send me an email after and I’ll send you these forms, habits, and assets to the virtual marketer. I had this stuff in front of me the whole time. I said I got to pick three things to five things off of these lists, the one I just showed you, and this list which is three pages long. Okay, but this stuff is highly effective and it doesn’t cost you much if anything at all. I’m not going to read these to you but again, you see on there halfway down the page asset one, the top 20. If you don’t have a top 20 list, you’re not keeping up with competition from people who do.

In every field, there are people that think like me. Are you sharpening the saw? If you don’t know what to do read a marketing book, attend a marketing webinar. They’re free. I’m going to give you the link to my coach that gives all these webinars away that they did during the Coronavirus for free. It applies to every business. It doesn’t matter if they’re specialty is law firm management. It applies to every business. For larger businesses, do you have a marketing assistant? I now am bringing back a marketing person. We’re doing it in stages because I’m concerned about what the economy is going to look like but having them come on in a freelance capacity.

There are freelancers out there that will work four to eight hours a day for you. Okay. You can do that once a week, very cost-effective. Storytelling, I’ve read the book story brand by Donald Miller, an excellent way to learn about branding your firm in everything you do, including your website. I do highly recommend if you don’t have somebody working on your digital assets, you’re missing out on many, many, many dollars, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars. This is the second page having a professional website. You got to have one. I don’t care what business you’re in. You got to have one.

Having an accountability partner. Call somebody you know who’s in your space, or who’s a business owner that you enjoy talking to, and have a once a week talk about marketing, what are you doing? What am I doing? I have several accountability partners. All we talk about is marketing. Having a monthly marketing plan, I think to me, one of the most important things I did and still do, is I put my marketing efforts in my calendar every day. Otherwise, if it’s not my calendar, I won’t do it. I’ll get distracted. Okay, and again, you see there are three pages of this.

If you want any of this stuff, drop me an email after this, I will gladly send them on to you as a PDF. Having a client aftercare program. Now that I’m back to the office, one of the things I’m doing is aftercare, which is hey, we’re back you’re back, how are you doing? Those are my checking calls. I have four scheduled today, for after this. Having a tracking system. Who did you reach out to? Who did you send lunches and dinners to? One. It’s important if we have to do this again, if there’s another shutdown, hope there’s not but if there is, are you going to be ready? Because I’m ready. Having a client-centered office.

We have a complete health-oriented return to work policy that we’ve been sharing with our clients. We’re writing about it on social media. Have you done everything you need to do to be compliant with the governmental programs and guidelines? Assess your professional image, we’re all doing this on Zoom. Are you dressed as you should be for a professional meeting? I do zoom meetings with clients now and I record them as training sessions if the client wants help with something. Again, I always end this with a thank you. You’ve got to be thankful people that are sending you business.

Now more than ever, people are very angry, people are very upset, people are very scared. You have to disarm them. Spend extra time on the phone. That’s your gift to them.

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Dianna Kost is super professional, and always the best at what ever she does!Warrior InsightsWarrior Insights ★★★★★ Writing this in reference to Jeffrey Donato. He is extremely professional, and courteous. He is a man who is on a mission to help others, and see that everything turns out as it should. He has often gone over and beyond to see his clients happy, and in the know! Jeff is sharp, fair, and intelligent! I will always refer friends and family to this gentleman!Mike KostMike Kost ★★★★★ I met the Tona Law Team and their families on 'Family Fun Day.' They are all kind and strong-knit. Glad to know that my mother, Dianna, is in great hands. Know that your family will be, too. I will be recommending Tona Law Firm to family and friends.Jack PrubanJack Pruban ★★★★★ I highly recommend TonaLaw for their exceptional legal services and killer team. They were great!!jeremy floresjeremy flores ★★★★★ Great experience with this firmKurt KostKurt Kost ★★★★★ I would highly recommend Dianna and her Team for all your legal matters.Kevin CunninghamKevin Cunningham ★★★★★ I have dealt and met the exceptional staff at tona law and would trust them with my case and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an exceptional experience. Every time I call, their receptionist Robin is outstanding she is always sweet and reassuring they have a great team that is caring and hardworking!Jennifer VillasanteJennifer Villasante ★★★★★ Dianna Kost is a fantastic addition to this firm. I have known her for over 27 years. She is always professional and efficient and demonstrates kind candor. I will support her and her team by recommending Tona Law to family and friends!Victor RodriguesVictor Rodrigues ★★★★★ Jordan GalloJordan Gallo ★★★★★ Tona Law is a reputable company. Juliet has been very professional. She always goes above and beyond.Tyrone ManriqueTyrone Manrique ★★★★★ Expertise is top notch. They will help you with your case till the end. Dianna Kost and her team are the best around.Kristina SilvaKristina Silva ★★★★★ Dianna Kost is a very hard working and motivated professional. She is very resourceful,thoughtful and kind. I will be referring Tona Law to everyone I know!!JaniceJanice ★★★★★ Audra LibertellaAudra Libertella ★★★★★ Great experience. Very helpful and professional. Thank you Dianna for your assistance. Would definitely recommend TonaLaw to family and friends 👍Mike GreenbergMike Greenberg ★★★★★ Megan McGinnMegan McGinn ★★★★★ Amazingly professional and caring staff. I trust them implicitly.Tom RyanTom Ryan ★★★★★ I found the staff in general, and Dianna in particular, to be very courteous and knowledgeable.frank montaltofrank montalto ★★★★★ Very helpful, willing to listen, and extremely professional. I would absolutely use them again in the future. I appreciate that they made me feel like I was their top priority, and always returned my calls in a timely manner.Matthew AronMatthew Aron ★★★★★ Several of my patients have been clients of Mr. Donato over the years and they have all been thrilled with his service. From his calming demeanor at the beginning of their case to his thoroughness throughout. I feel comfortable referring my patients and do so when the opportunity arises.Michele HowardMichele Howard ★★★★★ I have worked with Jeff Donato in the past and I find him to be very caring, compassionate and professional!!Debbie CruzDebbie Cruz ★★★★★ TonaLaw was recommended to me after I was injured in a car accident. Mr. Tona took the time to listen to the details of the accident and explain the process of the legal action. The professional staff including Jayda, Lauren and Michael are courteous and extremely attentive to all of my questions and concerns. It is clear that this law firm puts their client's needs first and customer service is a top priority. I would definitely use TonaLaw again and highly recommend them.peyton ambrosepeyton ambrose ★★★★★ Although we are in just the beginning process here with TonaLaw I can 100% with full confidence recommend this office to help settle any situation you may be in! Being in an accident having to deliver my daughter early, we’ve gone through a lot of bumps. Tona Law has been here for us through it all helping in every way possible. They are so extremely thoughtful. TonaLaw is not your average Law office, they truly care about you and yours and make it very known! Not only is our attorney Jeff Donato amazing, but my fiancé and I can say everyone in the office is as well. Being that we see the office truly works together as a team in order to help their client! We look forward to traveling this road with them!carolyn jansencarolyn jansen ★★★★★ Lauren McCormick acted as a liaison between The Jansen Group and one of our top arbitrators for a number of years. She is very detailed oriented. She has a great demeanor and was great to work with. I highly recommend Lauren for anyone looking for a hardworking, skilled and pleasant person to assist them with legal matters.Pam GhigliottiPam Ghigliotti ★★★★★ I have known Jeffrey Donato for years and would highly recommend him! Jeffrey is a wonderful, genuine individual who I greatly trust. I would always feel comfortable going to Jeffrey for legal advice.Dance Pointe Performing Arts CenterDance Pointe Performing Arts Center ★★★★★ Jeff Donato, as a very experienced attorney, has been nothing short of providing the most up to date legal help and advice to us in our experience working with him. You can always rely on his attention to detail and his client's needs. Through his diligent research, he provides the necessary resources to see matters through to the most favorable resolutions for his clients. You are in very good hands with choosing Jeff Donato to legally guide and represent you. I highly recommend.claire prattclaire pratt ★★★★★ Mr. Jeffrey Donato represented me in a personal injury case. He interviewed me at my home for hours to understand the case completely. He was totally professional, always keeping me informed of anything new with the case. He won our case and I have always had profound respect for the Attorney. Your Firm is very lucky to have him. Sincerely, Claire PrattStacy KlugStacy Klug ★★★★★ I have known Jeff Donato since 1993. He has always been professional and assisted myself and family with 4 lawsuits with positive outcomes. I highly recommend him for your legal needsKaren PaoliKaren Paoli ★★★★★ I known Jeffrey Donato for several years and he is a great asset to the firm, and he listens to every detail what you needRuthanne GadmanRuthanne Gadman ★★★★★ I had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey Donato! He is simply the best there is. He made me feel at ease and worked extremely hard to succeed in all I had asked of him. Truly an asset to this company, professional, and over all wonderful!!Samina BorgsSamina Borgs ★★★★★ I dont have enough good things to say about Tonal Law, absolutely everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting has been wonderful and knowledgeable.They took a huge weight off of my shoulders during one of the most difficult times in my life while they helped navigate me through this process.They truly do care about their clients and will advocate for the best resolution for you.Claudine CerasuoloClaudine Cerasuolo ★★★★★ There is no doubt, Jeffrey Donato is always my first choice, and Tona Law is where to find him! I have known, and have sought out his services, on multiple occasions in the last 20 years. He is reliable, easy to speak to, always confident in his work. Professional, while still being down to earth. His demeanor, work style and knowledge have been nothing less than stellar in my experiences! Tona Law is the place to meet your needs, for sure.kevin cliffordkevin clifford ★★★★★ Mr. Donato was an absolute pleasure to work with. In the years I have known him he has shown time and time again to truly understand the process and has an image ability to understand his client.Sara AuchenbaughSara Auchenbaugh ★★★★★ I've known Jeffrey Donato for years. He is professional and honest. I'd use him and Tona Law for my legal needs.JillJill ★★★★★ I have known Jeff Donato for many years . He has helped me with any legal questions I have had no issue. I would recommend him highly as he is professional and very attentive to your needs.Thomas NThomas N ★★★★★ I highly recommend attorney Jeffrey Donato, he truly helped me and my family during such a hard time. He was very accommodating and worked extremely hard to make sure that we were compensated from start to finish. He made a rough time a lot smoother, more than I could of ever imagined! Thank you Jeff for everything you have done for us!!If you are looking for an attorney, that goes above beyond, look no further, Jeff Donato will make sure all your needs are taken care of.James McCartneyJames McCartney ★★★★★ I have know attorney Jeff Donato for many years and he is an asset. I would absolutely use Tonalaw for my personal injury needs!Joe MazzilloJoe Mazzillo ★★★★★ We have known Jeff Donato for over 20 years. Anytime we have had any questions pertaining to a law issue he has been always nothing but professional and knowledgeable. We would go to TonaLaw for any personal injury matters or legal advice. Definitely recommended!!Andrea O'NeillAndrea O'Neill ★★★★★ Jeff Donato is an honest, hardworking person who I have known for 25+ years. He has always been and will be in the future my go to person. When my Dad was getting older I needed hep on what to do with his house and money so it did not go to the state, he helped me to find the right direction. He has always been professional and I never think twice about recommending Jeff to anyone who may need an attorney to hire or for honest advice. He has even helped me get in touch with people in other professions outside of an attorney .Steve NassoSteve Nasso ★★★★★ I’ve known Jeffrey Donato at TonaLaw for over 30 years and he represents a fantastic firm. I personally love how much work they do and support they provide their community. Every year they do a Veterans Scholarship and they were recently spotted at The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk which is especially close to my heart. Kudos and keep up the good work!!Linda HlentzasLinda Hlentzas ★★★★★ Very happy to see attorney Jeffrey Donato at this firm. I worked with Mr. Donato for many years in another law office. He is very approachable,responsible and is extremely knowledgeable in all phases of personal injury. Top of my list if you need a personal injury lawyer! You will be satisfied!michaelmichael ★★★★★ Tona Law has been a blessing to me. The staff cares about you, I mean actually genuinely cares about you. In my experience working with Jayda, Jeff, Lauren, and Robyn (so much energy! Love it) I have been handled with love and empathy. They treated me like family and won me over. When I got home from surgery there was a box of cookies waiting for me, that is a team who cares. They call to see how you’re doing, they are more than attorneys, they’re good people I consider family at this point. God bless the Tona Law staff. Would highly recommend to everyone, God’s honest truth.Amy Beth (Amy Beth)Amy Beth (Amy Beth) ★★★★★ Tom Tona and his team are fantastic. They do a great job for their clients. Can't recommend them highly enough. Lauren McCormick was very helpful and knowledgeable with all of my questions and concerns.Athena DuranAthena Duran ★★★★★ Lauren McCormick is hardworking and such a sweet person dedicated to her career. Anyone is definitely in good hands with her!Walter CoppolaWalter Coppola ★★★★★ Marcus DiWorldMarcus DiWorld ★★★★★ Jayda is extremely thorough and friendly! A wonderful addition to a great teamJasper AlindoganJasper Alindogan ★★★★★ As far as paralegals go, Lauren McCormick knows her job inside and out and anyone working with her would benefit immensely from that. She is also one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. TonaLaw is lucky to have such a great person as part of their family!Pamela SucatoPamela Sucato ★★★★★ Lauren is an amazing addition to this firm . I have worked with her over the years and she is always professional and efficient and pleasant to deal with . Good luck looking forward to working with you in the future .Pamela claims resolution servicesIan HysellIan Hysell ★★★★★ Lauren is one of the hardest working people I know.Melissa HysellMelissa Hysell ★★★★★ Lauren is a hardworking, loyal and dedicated individual.Mercedes IregbulemMercedes Iregbulem ★★★★★ Jayda goes above and beyond to make sure she helps everyone she speaks with. She is truly a gem! I would recommend TonaLaw’s services to anyone in need!Gregory AudigeGregory Audige ★★★★★ Jayda Brown is amazing to work with! She’s sweet, well informed, and overall just a huge help. If you’re looking for a hardworking and dedicated team, you won’t regret hiring TonaLawKathleen MontanizKathleen Montaniz ★★★★★ I know Andrew Ciccaroni personally, and in my time getting yo know him, I've always found him to be very knowledgeable on the law.Amber PalermoAmber Palermo ★★★★★ The professionalism and expertise of the TonaLaw team is unmatched. I’ve worked with Juliet and she was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and I could tell that she cared about helping me. If you’re looking for a legal team that helps with you any problem, big or small, TonaLaw is a team you can trust.Rolanda SmithRolanda Smith ★★★★★ Choosing Tona Law is the best decision you could make! Everyone is so helpful and informative every step of the way. Jada is sweet, knowledgable, and always available to answer any questions and will make sure you feel like you're in good hands! I would recommend Tona Law to anyone looking for help with their personal injury mattersJames CunninghamJames Cunningham ★★★★★ They were so nice and gave me great advice!!Alison CiccaroniAlison Ciccaroni ★★★★★ I'm not a client but if I was looking for a law firm that is both trustworthy and knowledgeable in the law, I'd choose TonaLaw as I've discussed legal issues with one of their attorneys and he has shown extensive knowledge.Teresa MercurioTeresa Mercurio ★★★★★ I’ve known Andrew Ciccaroni personally for years. He trustworthy and attentive. Does the best job he possibly can with all the resources he has access to.js_loader